[anti-rclick]October 20, 2011

Readers who have been following my website and Facebook page should notice that I have not been writing and publishing much recently. Well, you all know what has happened.

My original intention of starting this website was and still is to share my knowledge with readers who want to learn more about piano playing, and to provide a platform for my students who can learn from themselves and one another, as well as a channel to communicate with students’ parents, families and friends who can see students’ progress and improvements in their musical journey.

Such intention had been tested and distorted by those who could not produce anything positive but instead maliciously tried to destroy my hard work of good will.

At one point I doubted if such tedious work on website and Facebook page maintenance should be continued.

“Should I stop doing this because of some ridiculous acts of a couple or a small group of crazy people?”

I was silent for a while. I needed some time to think it over and through.

“Am I helping anyone here?”

I believe I have been helping many and I will continue to do so. I know so because many supporters and friends of mine have been telling me so. My students and their parents have also been reminding me the same fact all the time as well. Indeed, I cannot thank enough for those who have encouraged me and helped me through this obstacle all along. Everyone of you, I truly appreciate your genuine help and sincere words. I know I will continue to have your support from now onwards.

I always welcome feedback and comments, and I would like to receive it in front of me, but not at my back. I know I shall learn from both point of view, voices of agreement and disagreement, but not personal attack or negativity, which are not productive and not bringing the best in any of us.

Some people believe in negative criticism. That’s their choice. For me, I believe in positivity and encouragement. That is how I will teach myself and my students to grow and learn together. And I can definitely see my method has been working out well for them.

I shall move forward and keep producing good work for you all, my dear Readers and Students. You are the only ones I should care about here.

Teresa Wong

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