Let Go and Let Live

Jan 22, 2012

Some people might think I am the lucky one and I live a very smooth life. I don’t and certainly didn’t.

During my first year in the United States, I encountered my first life-threatening experience.


It happened quickly within the first three months of my stay as a graduate student in the States. I didn’t know it would happen like this. In fact, I was not aware of certain condition happening.

I fell ill. I thought it was just something simple, so I went to school as usual, did my long-hour practice, studied and rested at late hours.

One weekend I was trying to go to school to do my practice. I felt really sick, so I had to lie in bed and took rest. I was frustrated by the situation, that I couldn’t return to my daily practice. I lied there and thought it would be better very soon. It didn’t. There had been pain developing in my body for couple weeks or so but I just ignored it. It didn’t go away and gradually grew without my noticing. It was painful. No, it became excruciating eventually.

I would never forget that day. I didn’t know it was day, or night, or it was the whole day. But I just lied in bed, feeling excruciating pain in my body. And then fever developed. But it was no ordinary fever. In fact, if that was called a fever, I had never had one in my entire life. One moment I felt like I was dipping in a pool of iced water, the other moment in burning flame. They took turn for many rounds that I couldn’t keep count of. Should there ever be an inferno, I was certainly in the middle of it. I felt almost unconscious, and it was then I felt my life was drifting away slowly, that I was dying. In that blurry moment, I kept thinking how much I had left unaccomplished, and how come I was to be deceased, alone, in a foreign country. Was I about to die?

It was the next morning that my roommate found me in such horrible condition that she drove me quickly into the hospital. I was rushed in for check-up. The doctor told me that should I be sent in even a bit later, my condition would really be life-threatening and I would have to be sent to the emergency room for surgery. So I survived and lived.

From that moment onwards, I knew I had to take good care of my physical health and always went to the doctor for consultation whenever I felt sick. On top of that, I started doing physical exercises (that I never did before) to further promote my health.

And that went my little story of survival.

How about yours?

Teresa Wong

P.S. My positivity is hardly innate. But I make it happen.

One thought on “Let Go and Let Live

  1. How many people would say that their lives are smooth? In my viewpoint, it may be countable or uncountable for this depends on how you define and treat it.

    Two people having the same problem may suffer from different pain. The depth of pain depends on the importance of the event and how they treat it. The more you care for it, the greater the pain. In the end, it’s not easy to recover. But if it can be cured, then there is hope and life, so we should face it. The only thing we need is time, consolation and maybe therapy if it’s really severe. So it’s not the end of the world.

    We can see that some people sufffering from terminal cancer are not in despair, so if our pain (no matter physical or mentally) can be relieved, why do we let ourselves suffer? No one knows when one will die, so we should live happily.

    A prophecy said that this year 21st December would be the end of the world. If this is true, we wouldn’t have much time left to fulfil our achievement. On the contrary you don’t believe it, life is still there. When a catastrophe happens, don’t feel desperate, maybe you are the only one who survives.

    I’m neither optimistic nor pessimistic, neither positive nor negative. And I’ve never used positive way to think in the past unitl I started reading a book about positive thinking. Thank you Miss Wong, the book really helps. Still now, I got annoyance and became upset sometimes, trying to hide away again but it’s useless, wouldn’t help, still have to face it and the outcome was not good either. Despite this, my positive way of thinking is that I need time to accomplish, so keep working on it.

    Of course, we (including me) often say “SAYING is EASY, DOING is DIFFICULT”. But we can use another way to think, it is difficult because we need time and accurate method to accomplish. Always think it’s POSSIBLE! That’s it!

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