I Am Not Flawless

August 17, 2012

I never said I was perfect. In fact, I do have flaws, in myself, my teaching and my playing.

But what I am here to do, is to share the knowledge I have with me. And I am constantly learning and improving, in order to be a better teacher, musician, and writer. I am teaching and playing at the same time learning.

I always thank those who have been supporting me, but I must now thank also those who have criticized and attacked me personally and deliberately. I thank them who have taken time to even pay attention to me in order to do so. I do feel hurt, but I must turn that negative energy into something positive for myself, and my students. We should all focus on something constructive instead.

Some people have made fun of me talking like “God”. I certainly have never talked in that way, thinking my words are golden. I just want to share what I have learnt and experienced in the hope that they can become helpful to my students and readers. So I am glad they have been so far.

Tonight my student told me that I had been sharing all the time words of encouragement here and there (on my studio Facebook page), and so she shared with me this (thank you for your sharing):

Indeed, I haven’t been back here writing much recently, but we must not dwell in the past. And as students are gradually coming back from summer holiday, I guess it’s time to start over again. I feel blessed every single day to have music, piano and my students around me. We all should be grateful that we know how to play the piano, my Students.

Everyday is beautiful with piano playing. So let’s make something beautiful out of this, our communication and sharing in Music.

Teresa Wong

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