Face Your Fear

New year needs new way to see things. To act.

For me, what I have been telling you in piano playing, I am starting to apply that now in my life.

I ask you to look into yourself, “What is your fear in your playing?”

Is it worrying about making mistakes? Playing the wrong notes? Forgetting what it is when you are playing by memory? Afraid of playing badly and making yourself look like a fool in front of the audience?

Usually it stems from something bigger, deeper, inside your thoughts. So, really think about it. I call it the core issue.

You cannot avoid it. You have seen your core issue, and all you have been doing is walk away from it, walk a circle around it. Mind you, it is still there. It never disappears. It’s only out of your sight, temporarily. But as you look into yourself, is it really out of your mind? Because if it is, you can play fine with no worries already.

That leads me to say to you this, “Face it. And walk through it.”

That’s what I am doing now for my core problem. Face it, and walk through it. It’s very very painful, excruciating even. Sometimes I just don’t want to continue, just want to back off from it, thinking, “Well, maybe I just leave it there. Perhaps that would be a better way to do it, it will be gone as a matter of time. Give more time to forget about it. ” But I know, it would come back. And it has, many a times. So, it’s either I face it, walk through it, and get it over with. Then, a new life will be in front of me. It was what I did with my playing ten years ago. And I think I can do it again in myself.

So, face your fear in playing. Walk through it. And a new way of playing will be in front of you.

Visualize it. Want it. And make it happen.

It’s not easy, it is at times difficult, but it is the only way to do it.

And, I am with you here.

Teresa Wong

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