Students’ Reminder of Recent Progress


These couple weeks we are having great progress on improving our techniques, in fact, quite a milestone on building a solid foundation in all of our playing.

Let me recap what we have done these days:

1. Fingertip focus & first knuckle support
We use a pencil to practice the feeling of that one focus ballpoint under each fingertip. At the same time, we also feel the sensation of firm first knuckle support.

2. Upper arm support and whole arm movement
Once we have grasped the feeling of fingertip focus and first knuckle support (with a firm hand grip of course- but we have dealt with this earlier), we can now start to activate our arms. Engage the upper arm to move the whole arm across the keyboard horizontally, in one straight line.

3. Upper body coordination and lower body weight support/transfer
Move the upper body straight sideways following where the notes go. Keep it straight, not collapse to the sides. No bending at the waist. Keep the body talk and the head level.

4. Singing
Great work this week that everyone is finally singing! Good way to understand how the lines go, how the notes are connected in terms of the intervals instead of just hitting each note separately without understanding how they are related.

And, we have found and proved that singing a phrase/motive once in three seconds is much more efficient than playing it a hundred times isn’t it? Well done you all!

Let’s keep up the good work and keep moving forward and upward!

Teresa Wong

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