Preparation, Color and Crab

Dear Students,

Remember what we’ve been doing this week so far?

Three things: Preparation, Color and Crab.

Preparation: The gesture. The momentum. That split second of preparation prior to the commencement of a piece/a phrase, the attack of a note, and even the start of a syncopated rhythm.

Color: What’s the color of the phrase? Perhaps this phrase is light blue (water so clear we can see the bottom of the sea, those seashells and star fishes), and that coming phrase is dark brown (all muddy in the ocean after the wave comes in; or is that something else..)? Okay, that’s more than just the color, but also the storyline we’ve been Creating according to the ebb and flow of the music, the change of harmonic and melodic patterns.. It’s all about Imagination, students!

Crab: I know this sounds a bit strange to other readers, but my students, you should know what I am talking about here. The crab shell = your palm, and the crab legs = your fingers, yes? The body always goes with the legs. And it crawls sideways, digs deep into the sand. We’ve also been choosing colors of our crabs in lessons remember? (I love the choices of transparent and rainbow colors the most – again, the creativity and imagination, my lovely students).

Color your Crabs today!

Teresa Wong


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