Stay Present.

Stay present. At this one note. This one chord. This rest. This fading away of sound at the end of this phrase.

Stay focus. Right here, right now. If you worry too much what has happened in the previous bar or are afraid of what will happen in the next phrase, the moment right now is neglected, not appreciated, and therefore ruined. It would not be attended to as well and as beautiful as it should be.

Stay here, NOW. Enjoy this moment of music you are making. Right here, right now. Not tomorrow, not when you have achieved a certain exam or level, but today, this lesson, this practice, this hour, this moment, this second, this note, this connection, this silence.

Be attentive. Be focused. Be bold. Be not afraid. Be present. Listen. Make some mistakes. Try again. And try harder. Then you would make it.

Because you are having the moment of NOW. Enjoy the sound of your playing, the wondrous nuance flowing out from the marvelous instrument- the piano, created by your own two great hands.

Because the Music is worth it. Because You are worth it.

Teresa Wong

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