Beautiful (Cantonese): 什麼是「靚」

For English :


Today I’d like to talk about the subject, “beautiful“.

Why do we want to listen to music? Play the piano? Because music is beautiful, and playing the piano is beautiful. The piano sound is beautiful, and the gesture of piano playing is beautiful.

So, what is “beautiful”? Everyone has different ideas of it.

Cantonese Version, Video 1

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When we see someone beautiful on the street, we wouldn’t just glance at him/her quickly and look away, would we? Instead, we would hold our gaze at that person for a while, and think, “Wow, s/he is so beautiful!” And then we might think to ourselves, how come s/he is so beautiful? What has s/he done to become so stunning and attractive? We take time and hold our thoughts on this beautiful person for some time.

And that’s exactly what we should do in our playing.

Cantonese Version, Video 2

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When there is a special moment in a piece of music, whether it be a note, a rest, a pause, or a chord, we need to take time to show it, give some extra attention to it. It can be a bit more time(before/during/after), more/less sound, more emphasis, or change of tone color. It all depends on the music and our interpretation.

We cannot just expect the audience to know where it is extra special or beautiful. We feel it, we show it. It’s that simple.

Cantonese Version, Video 3

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Show me the beauty * now!

Teresa Wong

* Not the money ;)

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