Thursday September 26th, 2013

An Afterword to our Student Gathering on September 21

Dear Students, Parents and Family, Thank you all for coming to our student gathering last Saturday, I really appreciated your effort and participation, especially to […]
Wednesday September 11th, 2013

Our Student Gathering on 21st September

Dear Students and Parents, This is a reminder for you all that we are having our informal student concert aka “student gathering” on 21st September, […]
Sunday September 8th, 2013


INTRODUCTION– IN ENGLISH: IN CANTONESE 中文: Let’s talk about arpeggios today. I want to make it brief and clear this time. When we talk about […]
Sunday September 1st, 2013

Welcome me back.

Finally, I am back to Hong Kong. I had a full day of non-stop teaching the first day after my return. And It was marvelous […]