Welcome me back.

Finally, I am back to Hong Kong.

I had a full day of non-stop teaching the first day after my return.
And It was marvelous to listen to piano music and see my students again.

Although I must say, I miss Italy…


During the first half of my trip, I was completely absorbed with being on the holiday that was long due. The diverse flavors of Italy – in terms of cuisine, culture, language and environment – revived in me the memories of my last visits over ten years ago. My school years, in high school and graduate school: the singing, the playing, the learning, the performing, the laughing and chatting … Those were the memorable days, so young and innocent.

Then, in the middle of my trip, in this beautiful countryside of Italy, when I was surrounded by all the massively overflow of vineyards and gorgeously full-grown olive trees under the magnificent Tuscan sun, when I was sipping away all the beautiful wines and tasting delicious food in Chianti, I suddenly missed my piano. I wanted to try out the new tunes I composed in my head under my fingers and listened to it outside my head. I needed to touch the keys and make that piano sound of my very own. And so I asked the locals, “where can I find a piano?”

The answers were:

Che piano??” (It should be “pianoforte” because “piano” means something else in Italian.)
“There is no piano here. The closest place you can find one would be Siena. And it’s an hour away from here.”
(I didn’t have a car and there were very few buses running between this town and Siena)

I could slowly feel the bitter taste of disappointment growing in my mouth, and not even the sweetest gelato could chase that away…

Sometimes we do not appreciate enough how lucky we are when we have things around that seem to us most usual and common. We take it for granted that almost everyone has a piano in the household and plays piano/ an instrument in Hong Kong. So we think we are not special or talented in any way, and that we do not know just how precious it is to have the opportunity to get to learn and play this wonderful instrument and listen to this beautiful tone that the instrument can make, with our own two hands.

I did not think I would miss my piano. But I certainly did, tremendously.

I did not think I would miss coming back to Hong Kong, yet I did too. (Although I must say again, I love Italy and miss it too and want to be back and even move there etc etc…)

I missed my piano and my teaching.

Therefore I am very glad to see and teach my students again. It has been a while.

I am certainly most grateful to have all these wonderful students and parents.

And you my readers.

Thank you for reading and bearing with my writing all this time.

Teresa Wong

P.S. In the next post, I shall write about how to play arpeggios and scales most efficiently. I know I have written on these topics but they are never old. Besides, I think I have found some significant key points in brief explanation that you can get to understand and play them much better easily. We shall see :)

And yes, the sequel to the sight reading post. Oh, so much to catch up on…

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