My dear Students,

Let me just start by stating that I shall never give up on you.

I know there are times you want to quit playing, quit taking lessons from me.

You’ve made yourself excuses from time to time to do so. You think you are better off that way. You think you would feel better and the burden is shed off from your shoulders once and for all.

You are wrong to think so and feel so.

Because you know very well inside you, that keep on playing the piano, finishing off that exam and reaching that level is what you’ve always wanted, since day one you’ve come to me.

And from day one I have committed myself to helping you play better and reach the goal you’ve always wanted.

So now you better stop lying to yourself and face the truth.
You want it to happen. You want to reach this goal.

Stop avoiding risk and running away from this commitment with me, stay focus on working towards the goal you’ve set in your mind for the longest time.

Unleash your willpower and use your smart brain. (And I am not being sarcastic here at all- because you’ve made the right choice of studying under me haha.)

I’ve been reminding you time and time again that I never criticise you. I simply point out your problems and help you fix them one by one.

I always encourage you and want you to want to play better yourself, that it is for your own good but not for my benefit whatsoever, although for sure it is of my utmost interest that you would improve and progress well in this musical journey with me.

I will never give up on you, as long as you don’t give up on us, and yourself.

Keep working hard and stay positive, my Students. It’s time for all of you to shine.

Your Teacher,

Teresa Wong

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