Our Rehearsal for Student Concert 2014

Student Concert 2014: Rehearsal

Tonight we had a great evening rehearsing for our upcoming student concert (January 26 Sunday). It was wonderful to see my students getting up on stage and preparing one by one for their performance.

Yesterday I started preparing for my MC script for the concert, I looked through each participant’s entry and wrote down something about each of them. As I was writing, I thought about how long each of the students had been studying with me – some for quite a while and the others rather recently. I realized how amazing this journey had been with all these students learning from me, and how much we had shared in music and in life together. Sometimes when my students told me how lucky they had been to have me as their teacher, and during that hour as I was writing my script, I understood it was me who was the lucky one.

I believe we will have a great concert on Sunday night. And I shall go practice my speech better…

You all have a great weekend ahead, and see some of you there in our concert!


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