Afterword: Student Concert 2014


Teresa Wong's Piano Studio: Student Concert 2014

Tonight, we did a fantastic job, every student who performed, and yes, I think me too. At least I tried my best to keep my speech intact.

I did practice before going to the concert tonight, speaking loudly in front of the mirror and video camera. I was even practicing my speech when I was queuing for the taxi, and in the taxi during the massive traffic jam on the way to the concert venue. I think I had improved my speech quite a lot from last time, at least in the first half of the concert anyway – I know, once I started improvising my speech in Cantonese, I was going a little astray from the designated path of idea…

What I want to say about my speech is the same for your performance, my dear students: practice makes perfect, or at least, close to it. If we are always afraid of making mistakes and making a fool out of ourselves and shy away from performing or speaking in public, we will never get better. Therefore, even when I know I am so ineloquent in speech and I would rather play ten pieces than speaking for ten minutes, I am still trying, because I want to get better, and I know very well the only way to get better is to keep trying and practicing, on stage, in front of a crowd of audience.

There were things I would like to say in the concert but I could not bring them up verbally, because I felt it would be too cheesy to do so, so here you go:

I love you all my students. Each and every one of you are my favorite. I hope we can progress together tremendously in the speed close to that of lightening this year. I am always grateful to have all of you in my life, whether it be seven years or seven weeks. So let’s go hand in hand and keep moving forward together, you and me.

I noticed there were a few outsiders not from our studio who came to our student concert tonight. Thank you for coming. I would also like to pay a sincere thanks to the families and friends of my students who have come to support your beloved tonight.

You all have a fantastic Chinese New Year holiday.

Teresa Wing-Yin Wong

P.S. More photos from the concert will be posted later the week.

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