Don’t Play Like A Student

Don’t play like a student.

Instead, play like a performer. Play like you are a professional. At least at first, act believe and carry yourself like one.

Tell yourself, breathe, when you are stuck somewhere in the song and are almost out of breathe.

Tell yourself, keep going, even when you want to stop in the middle of the phrase that seems twenty times harder than it has been.

Tell yourself, you can do it, because it really is not as hard or stressful as you think.

Tell yourself, you are making too much of a big deal out of it, because, really, it’s not so bad even if you fail.

Because, I am here to catch you. I won’t let you fall. I would make you rise again and bring you back up, so that you stand and keep walking forward with me.

But, first of all, please, leave those heavy and ugly baggages behind you. You don’t need them. They are completely useless.

Start thinking like a winner, start feeling like you are on the verge of success. Can you smell it? You can almost taste it. Do you see it, that it is just right there in front of you? Certainly with some distance ahead, so you are the one to decide, are you going to walk, or are you going to run?

So students, from now on, act like a professional, and play like a professional.

Teresa Wong

P.S. In the next post, I will discuss about the different ways to build your technique not confined to the existing traditional method books only.

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