Month: May 2014

If this was the last day I taught you…

If this was the last day I taught you…

I hope I had told you what I always wanted to say to you:

That you are good enough,

That you deserve to get what you want, and that you are doing this for yourself but not for anyone else, not even me,

That you are going to play better than this, and you are doing this for the beauty of music but not the glory of your own,

That you do it because you love playing the piano, and that is good enough a reason to continue playing,

Because, this, is your journey,

Life, is a journey.

If you work hard, put your time, effort and soul into it, have faith in it and be resilient with it,

If you believe in yourself, your worth, your life, and your role not only to yourself but also to those surround you,

Do what you love and keep doing it. Because that is the only thing that matters, to be happy with your playing and continue to do better every single day. If there was last thing that I could teach you, that would be it.

Forget about your past failure and glory, none of that matters. What matters is now and what you can do now to shape your future.

Remember that always. Your future lies in your own hands. Change the way you think and shape the way you feel. And you will open up yourself to a whole new world of possibilities. Trust me on this one, because I have been there and done it.

And when is the best time that you are going to change your mindset to play better, to observe more, to improve your technique and musicality?

The moment is NOW.

And always remember this:

That I, believe in you,

Because those I do not are not here with me anymore. There is a reason for you to stay here with me, because I see your worth, because I believe in your ability to excel, because I trust you to be an example for others in the same studio.

I, believe in you.

I am moving much faster forward from now on. Are you with me or not?

I am proud of myself. And I am proud of all of you.

Teresa Wong

P.S. I am not dying yet. Oh well we all are. That’s why we need to keep moving forward as much and as fast as we possibly can. Take away your ego and pride and your own glory. And I shall keep myself alive as much as I can, because I want to see you all grow and excel.

Please. Watch this movie. You will not regret spending time with it. And you will understand what I mean.