Friday June 27th, 2014

New Courses 新課程

I am introducing a couple new courses: 1. Technique Transformation 2. Program Note Writing and Viva Voce Preparation (for all diploma levels) These two courses […]
Tuesday June 17th, 2014

耐心(patience)、堅持 (persistence)、正面 (positivity)

For English: Patience , Persistence , Positivity 我不需要對你重申,你需要在你的彈奏中有熱誠,因為從你閱讀我的文章或者是跟我學習的這個事實上面,我知道你已經擁有這個條件了。 今日我想說的是3P : 耐心(patience)、堅持 (persistence)、正面 (positivity)。 對我來說,最困難的一課就是耐心。我常常很想事情現在立即發生。由於我是一個很勤力的人,所以我通常都會令我想要的事情發生,但是結果未必如想像中理想。現在我明白我想要放更多時間和耐心等事情發生,讓結果更如理想。所以今年我的功課就是要得到更多的耐心。 對於你- 我的學生來說,最難的功課就是要有正面思想。我知道你都有用功(當然可以更加用功!),雖然我也明白,練習得不到效果會令人有時感到沮喪。問題是到你感到沮喪時,你對自己十分怪責(就像我從前對自己一樣)。然後得出的結果就是你失去了冷靜和動力去繼續向前,去繼續你的練習,去堅持向着你的目標邁步。你猶豫,你原地踏步。你停下腳步,不想再向前繼續行。你站在那裏,然後開始懷疑你是否應該繼續這個旅程。 然後你問我:「我該怎麼辦呢?」 你要停止懷疑自己,就像我常常提醒你一樣。你要做我叫你做的事情:練習要專心,練習要有方法,練習要有計劃 (practice with focus, practice with strategy, practice […]
Monday June 16th, 2014

On Body Movement (II)

Friday June 13th, 2014

On Body Movement (I)

Thursday June 12th, 2014

On Breathing (II)

Thursday June 12th, 2014

On Breathing (I)

Wednesday June 11th, 2014

Piano Pedagogy Course

Dear All, We are starting the course on October 18th (Tuesday) in the morning 1030-1145am. I have sent the related information in details to those who have […]
Wednesday June 4th, 2014

Excerpt from my piano method book: about weight training

I’ve been re-typing my piano method book recently – what a task! I don’t know how I lost the first draft in the first place, […]
Wednesday June 4th, 2014

About our point system in lesson log book 有關課堂這個分數制度

I have a point system for every student in his/her lesson log book in which I write down everything the student goes through and learns […]
Wednesday June 4th, 2014

Tanush x Teresa.: Oh Susanna

Tuesday June 3rd, 2014

About Movement (II) 有關動作 II (中文版)

Tuesday June 3rd, 2014

About Movement (I) 有關動作 I (中文版)