Piano Fun Class 小班鋼琴課程

Piano Fun!

Do you want your kids to try their hands at the piano in a fun comfortable small class settings ? Here’s the chance now!

Our school director Miss Teresa Wong will conduct this class.

Send your enquiries to twsomusic@gmail.com.

Brief Course Content:

3-5 students (suitable for ages 4-6)

ENJOY the fun of music making with other kids.

LEARN independently and co-dependently.

SING in pitch and solfége and develop sense of how to identify and make beautiful melodic tone.

Establish a sense of RHYTHM and Pulse. With the assistance of DRUMS!

Exploring on the PIANO. Play simple songs. Get to know basic piano techniques and start to build a foundation.

And most importantly ,
Grow LOVE for a lifetime of music making and enjoyment !



For further information on schedule and fee, visit here: http://www.twsom.com/#!piano-fun-class/cna4

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