Keep Going and Keep Playing!

Dear Students,

Some of you might be feeling down and having a little rough time lately. Honestly, me too. Sometimes I also feel I cannot do this. I feel exhausted and lost, and that I cannot continue to do what I have been working on. But when I think about you, when I get messages from all over the world asking for help and guidance, when there are new students keep coming to me, and existing students reminding me of my good work, I know I am doing the right thing all along and I must keep going. So, I also ask you to do this for me. Please keep going.

Believe in your own ability and the work you have been doing. When you look back last year or a couple years, what do you see? Do you see that you have come far along from where you were? I sure do, for myself and you as well. (If you have not, you should really face yourself and ask yourself why.) I see I have walked and progressed far from where I was last year. And let me tell you this: I did not know I would come to this point last year, when I was confused with what I had to do! So do not waste your time in tormenting yourself, blaming yourself with what you have not done or achieved. Instead, put your precious time and effort to persist and work harder. Focus on how to sound better, improve each movement in a more precise manner and project each note with a more refined tone quality. Above all, open up your mind, your (inner) ears, your (inner) eyes, your body and your soul to accept the new sound, the new possibility to achieve what the next new height, which as a matter of course is unknown to both you and me, because you have not reached there yet! But with hard work and perseverance, we can do this together. Only if you want it. Only if you truly want it.

Now go get some practice done, whether at the piano, at the computer (listening), the book/score (reading /analyzing), your mind (thinking/changing the way you think) or your heart (believing/changing the way you believe in yourself/this thing called the purpose of playing the piano).

You are much better than you think you are. You can do much more than you think you can.

Your Teacher,

Teresa Wong

My student Douglas and Me
My student Douglas and Me

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