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Yesterday we had started our piano pedagogy course (level I) again. As usual I was very excited to meet another new group of student-teachers who are passionate about learning more in the field of piano/music teaching. I took an hour in the mid-day to go through the syllabus and notes before the evening class came. I have a habit of reading out loud on my own (note: I am not crazy) – it helps me make clear of what ideas I am going to present in a speech/class. As I was reading aloud about the first class’ content, I found this urge of wanting to share with my student-teachers growing inside me and it -felt – really good! The sense of burning passion reminded me how much I have always wanted to share with others the joy of music/piano and that of teaching and inspiring others to feel the same with me. It simply is fantastic.

In my class (as in my lessons as well), I do not just read from notes and students listen: I advocate active participation from students. I am sure you all are well familiar with the teaching at school in the old days when we sat there and teacher kept reading in a boring tone that just did not do anything to encourage learning whatsoever. Discussion is tremendously important when it comes to learning in class: students get to speak up, and before they are able to do that, they must THINK about what to talk about, right?

Another important element of my class is my sharing of experience in terms of teaching and learning with my students. I am very open-minded when it comes to that. Some people might think, “you should keep the secret of success and failure to yourself”, “you can’t just give away your secret, can you?”. When I started writing this site (some call it a blog, I do not know what the difference is), my initial idea was simply to share my knowledge freely to everyone who has the desire to learn music/piano but would not be able to come to me directly for whatever reason ( be it economical or geographical). I thought since I had learnt all the knowledge I had inside me, wouldn’t it be a waste not to share with others, so that I could help them to enjoy music, solve their problems in piano playing, and achieve the goals they had in mind? This initial thought of mine still remains to be the core of my work, and I would not let myself to forget about that. In fact, teaching and training the teachers reminds me well every single day of such mission in my mind.

As I was talking with my student-teacher after class last night, I shared with her the thought of bringing local piano teachers together, forming a community of some sort. I think teaching especially privately can sometimes be a very lonely business, only attending to one student at a time. Apart from personal and professional development, a sense of belonging in a social setting with others in the same field is something I would very much love to achieve in this organization. If any of you are interested, please, do sign up for a membership here on my site – a general membership is FREE and it would keep you updated with the upcoming seminars/workshops/classes we will be holding, as well as other concerts happening in town. There is an event calendar you can go to after you sign up, and we would also update you with a monthly newsletter (not too frequently so you wouldn’t feel hassled).

As always, I appreciate your support and reading here. I hope to finish the editing of the final version of my book soonest and send you a limited free copy to acknowledge your continual support of my work.

Here is the link to sign up for the membership:



Piano Pedagogy Course Level I
Piano Pedagogy Course Level I

You can join us by every class instead of the whole course. To sign up for the class, join our General Membership (FREE) and go to Event Calendar for time and details of all course.

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