dipABRSM (Piano Performance) Course 英國皇家演奏文憑預備課程

We are now offering dipABRSM (piano performance) course. This course is specifically tailored to individual student’s own need. In this course, we help you with choosing your pieces suitable to your ability and the examination requirement, writing the programme notes, as well as preparing you to pass your quick study test with confidence and be able to discuss your pieces eloquently in the viva voce section.

Weekly lessons
$1000 per hour

Bi-weekly lessons
$1100 per hour

one-off consultation sessions
$1500 per 1.5 hour session

鋼琴演奏考試文憑預備需知 (一)

*For students who take ongoing weekly and bi-weekly lessons, we offer regular email consultation when they have any problems concerning practice, technique issues, analysis, interpretation and reading.

We offer a one-off-payment package of 10 sessions at 10% off on a regular basis.

We also offer other diploma exam preparation courses (ATCL/LTCL/FTCL/LRSM/FRSM).

Call us at 2336 6646 or email us at twsomusic@gmail.com for further information and enquiry.

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