One Morning in April…

Dear Readers,

I sincerely apologize if I have been slow in writing recently. Building a school from scratch is not the easiest thing in the world, so bear with me here. I hope you are still reading my blog, and I shall update it more frequently from now on.

Working on the structural / administrative side of the school is hardly my strength, yet I have come to realization lately that without building a solid foundation of such aspect (same as building a solid foundation on technique), there will be no school, and there will be no students for our teachers to nurture and train from. Therefore, it is a must for me who is intuitively inclined to attend to my creative side to shift my focus to what is to be done now for what is best for the school.

I do like having a structure of our school now, implementing a new syllabus for our beginner courses in the first year (and build from here). We now are having four semesters in the first year, each semester has a course book (accompanied with an audio CD and a DVD of videos) which all teachers teach and all students learn the same materials and set songs during the semester. It is a very organized structure which covers all the basics in terms of repertoire playing, note reading (pitch and rhythm), technique building and aural training. I believe just as going to an academic school with each school year covering certain materials in certain periods of classes, we can do that equally in piano learning at our music school.

Another satisfaction has to be coming from training piano teachers, in terms of their playing, teaching and understanding of music. As I guide them to deepen their understanding of all these three aspects detrimental to better and freer expression in music and at the piano, such gain of knowledge is beneficial not only to the teachers themselves but also to their students who subsequently receives better guidance in their lessons as well. Such lineage of passing true knowledge towards many generations down along the way pleases me tremendously. As this morning I had an early class, I heard this most beautiful playing coming out from the hands of my student, I felt such immense joy and wonder in my heart that it brought a big smile on my face. I thought there could not be anything better than that in a morning like this, enjoying my student’s playing which was shaped successfully by me, who had brought significant changes in my student’s playing and teaching (so I was told – and subsequently life I believe, as she told me she thought she would never be able to execute a fast scale in her life smoothly but she did after a few lessons with me – a sense of regained/never gained self-confidence and self esteem), sharing ideas and moments and emotions at the piano and through the piano between two human beings who both love playing and teaching… It was indeed my honor and pleasure to teach my student, and I gave her a sincere “Thank You” when she left my studio after lesson.

If any of you would be so kind to give me some honest feedback and suggestions regarding my site deign here, I would be most grateful. Here I am only to hope to provide you with more useful information and practical advices, and enhance your experience in browsing and searching them in the most effective and efficient way I possibly can offer to you.

Most sincerely,

Teresa Wong

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