My Students And I

I don’t want to brag, but my students and I, we have quite a close relationship.

One student started lessons with me when she was five; now she is thirteen, and she is a tad taller than me (just a tad). And I have a baby photo given as a gift from her mother (on the day she was born! )

Another student showed me a comedy movie to watch after his lesson, knowing that I was not in a good mood … It really cheered me up after a long day of work, and more importantly, his effort counted.

One other student always brings me coffee before her lessons on Saturdays, knowing that I would need it for a non-stop teaching day of 8-9 hours straight (thank you!)

Today during my lunch time I went to see a student picking her dresses for her pre-wedding photo shoot. She was so gorgeous, and I was so touched that … I cried a little bit ( just a little bit). After that I rushed back to teach my younger students, the girls were so smart and happy, positively engaged in lessons and totally enthusiastic to learn. This five-year-old girl was so adorable, sitting on my lap for a while listening to her elder sister’s playing…

Last week I met for a coffee with an old student who was visiting from another country in which he is working right now, and the last time we met was either he and a group of other students bought me dinner for the Teacher’s Day or we went to a concert together last year… Time flies! *

Sometimes my students and I go to concerts together, and enjoy some dining and wining together. We had a nice gathering at my place with some of my close musician friends and my family (my brother and my mother, a wonderful cook – certainly those who were in the dinner would agree!) a couple months back to celebrate the success of our student concert. It was a cosy and fun night.

Other times I organize music gatherings for the more advanced students. Of course the purpose is to provide them with more opportunities to perform in front of others, a smaller group of fellow studio mates they can trust. And well, an “excuse” to gather, share music with each other, and bring them closer over some nibbles and drinks, knowing that they are not alone in this music journey.

We have been having our annual BBQ party for the last two years. I wonder what is happening with the school this year when it comes around again …

To our old students, thank you!
To our existing students, have fun and enjoy!
To our new students, welcome!
To our potential new students, come join our music family!



Teresa Wong


*I think I was wrong about the last time I met this old student… it was the student concert (for diploma students) we had in October last year when the rally was on, occupying not only Central but also Causeway Bay severely (among other places)…

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