On becoming a great teacher

To be a great teacher is to become a great leader.

A great leader communicates, inspires, and brings out the best in his/her team.

A great leader leads by example. S/he has integrity and lives by it day by day. S/he focuses on the big picture and refines the details. S/he is efficient and effective. S/he would not waste his/her/others’ time and energy. S/he respects others and expects the same from return. S/he works hard and demands excellence and expects others to do the same.

When a great leader tries to bring out the best in his/her team, it might not be pleasant or easy for the latter. It might seem like a difficult task for the team whom would rather not do it. But a great leader pulls through and focuses on the possible positive outcomes that would bring to the team, whom eventually would truly appreciate the effort they have taken to deal with the task, as well as the effort the leader has made to guide them through it.

A great leader might not be adored all the time, because s/he would push his/her team to excel in the way they would never imagine. But a team who truly want to grow would respect and appreciate him/her who is always there to pull them through, the good, the bad, and the ugly times, and that is what makes a great leader and a great team, a great teacher and a great team of students, a great teacher’s teacher, a great team of teachers and a great team of students.

And I hope to do that every single day.

Teresa Wong

Piano is such a beautifully amazing instrument.
Piano is such a beautifully amazing instrument.

P.S. Piano is a truly beautiful wonderful instrument. When you know more, you understand more, you can do more at the piano, the result and the satisfaction is just, so, amazing. And I mean, a-ma-zing. Truly sensational.

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