Month: October 2015

Piano Clinic

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Piano Beginner Course

This video explains our popular and well-rounded piano beginner course, great for adults and kids!

Autumn by Teresa Wong



“Autumn”, original piano music created and performed by Teresa Wong.

The First Duet by Teresa Wong

The First Duet, composed by Teresa Wong, filmed and edited by Teresa Wong, performed by Teresa Wong and Carol Yip. Oct 2015. “The First Duet”, 黃穎妍作曲,黃穎妍和葉瑞芬彈奏,黃穎妍監制和剪接。

Student Concert and Performance Opportunities


Every year we organise a student concert, and it usually occurs on the third or last week of January (we want to avoid organising the concert too close to both the western New Year and the Chinese New Year holidays).
Organising a student concert is a big project. Every time we need to find a venue suitable and available for the desirable capacity and time, and on top of that arranging everything for the actual concert. It can be exhausting yet at the same time exciting.
Parents and students might wonder, why is there a student concert (and music gathering)? What is the purpose of performing in front of a bigger audience?
It is crucial for students, especially young kids, to play for others. To go on stage and perform in front of an audience can be scary and daunting, and the same goes for being MCs and introducing other performers on stage, but if you let the children get used to it as early as possible, I can assure you that they actually find it very fun to do. For example, the first time I asked the kids to be MCs, some of them were quite reluctant to do so, because they had never done it and were afraid of trying, not sure how the experience would be like. But they did and they loved it! So the next time I did not even have to ask them, in fact, they asked me to give them the opportunities to be the MCs!  To be able to be on stage and perform and talk needs courage and confidence, and we want to instil and develop that quality in our children by giving them opportunities and supporting them to do so.
The students who have done more public performances are those who eventually develop a higher level of self-confidence and personal charisma , whether it be in their piano performance or presentation skills. They learn to communicate with others more effectively through their playing and speech, and what better way to sharpen such skills than actually doing them and getting better at them on a glorious stage?
Concert 2015
Concert 2015
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September 21, 2013 Teresa Wong's Piano Studio Student Gathering
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First Concert 2008 Programme Pamphlet :)

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