Communication: An Essential for Success at the Piano

I always welcome feedback from the parents of my students (and now of my teachers’ students as well), whether that be a concern or question about the lesson, progress, practice or exam issues.

Communication between teacher and parent is extremely important when it comes to guiding the student in the long run. Without an open and interactive channel, it would gradually dampen the interest, growth and success in the student’s music learning progress. I believe a lot of the times it is not that the student does not want to work hard and do well, it is mostly because s/he is not sure what to do and sometimes is afraid to ask, and slowly s/he loses interest in playing the piano and taking lessons. Regular and close monitoring over student’s attitude and behavior in lessons and practice helps both the teacher and parent understand how to assist the student more positively and effectively.

So, I sincerely encourage those who are new to teaching spend more time talking with the parents in order to understand where they are coming from, which will eventually lead to more effective and successful teaching with the students. And to those who are parents, do not hesitate to ask the teachers when you have any concern with your children’s lessons/practice/progress, the good teachers are very eager to understand your doubts and frustrations and are willing to help you, because they genuinely want to teach your children and want them to learn well and love music too.

Happy Friday!

Teresa Wong

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