Happy New Year!

Today is the first day of the new year, 2016. Today is the beginning of something new and the continuation of something great. 

Today I remind my students, in order to take a new path of thinking and learning in the new year, they must commit to three areas: lessons, practice and mentality, and possess three things : passion, persistence and patience. Lacking any one of them, no one would want to take this new path, or one would start walking on it and back off it. 

I believe my students and their potential in growth. I believe they have put effort in this music journey to a certain extent. But changing the mentality has proven to be difficult for them, and frankly, for anyone wanting for a change in any area of one’s life. Trying to be comfortable is a kind of human nature. We all want to protect ourselves and we are naturally aversive to risk taking, even if the current situation we are in is not ideal and deep inside for us we want changes. The old usual situation, the old way of learning and thinking about music /piano, albeit not great (and sometimes we know it doesn’t work!), is something we are so used to. On the other hand, the new way of understanding and practicing, however exciting and promising, is simply new and somehow not yet proven to be the definite way to solve all our existing problems – here I must point out the fact that those who have done it, some students and myself included, have found the new way to be completely fantastically brilliant, has solved a lot of our existing problems and old habits, and we are still beyond our wildest dreams to believe it to be true at times. 

In this new year, I challenge all of you to go on a new unknown path, a new and exciting journey in music and piano and in life, to make it worthwhile for yourself. Try the new way of playing and practicing, new way of understanding, learning and listening to music, new way of thinking and belief, new way of exploring the unknown and infinite possibilities. And all these musical treasures have been waiting for you for long time, and for you to keep for life. 

Happy new year of 2016 to each and everyone of you,


On one special day for one special person :)
Playing on one special day for one special person :)

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