5 Minutes a day

No one wants to work on technique, but the one thing anyone wants to work the least on is the thing that one must work on the most.

So I give my students a “5-minute rule”.

Start with the assigned technical exercise 5 minutes a day /a practice, and always start with it first. Use an alarm (on your phone). Set 5 minutes. Start the clock and do the work. Focus on the technical work and the technical work only. Observe and feel the movement. Adjust accordingly. Observe and try again. It’s about experimenting and correcting yourself along the way.

Five minutes are over. You are off to practice your pieces.

Of course, eventually, if you want to do more of the technical work, you can start to extend the timing to 10 minutes or more. But, it is all about start doing the work first, because no one wants to do it when one is expected to do something one least wants for long time. Setting a targeted time frame relaxes the mind and helps one get on with it. And you know when you are done you have achieved something in that set time frame. Log in the time is of tremendous importance, and so it working on something specific with focus and goal in mind. As I always remind my students and readers, practicing anything mindlessly is not practice at all. Five minutes’ work of pure focus is extremely powerful, so much more powerful than forcing oneself to sit there just to fulfil the time (of 30 minutes or so) just for the sake of it.

Always start from something small, if you want to get anything done. Start with five minutes and you can see the power of it.

Now go get your five minutes done!

Weight Transfer - Body Movement
Weight Transfer – Body Movement


Teresa Wong

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