Freedom vs control : are they mutually exclusive?

I always talk and write about freedom in piano playing. In fact, I am working on publishing my book entitled “Piano Freedom”.

When I say freedom, it does not mean there is no control. The same goes for a great piece of music. Think about all the great musical works you have enjoyed so far: they all make sense to you of something, something with structure and order, and none of them keep introducing new ideas without repeating ideas presented earlier on. 

Freedom and control are not mutually exclusive; indeed, they go hand in hand and complement each other. Without control there is no freedom, and without either freedom or control, there is no music. 

But just how much freedom and control do we need? 

The answer is, “to each their own.”

One has to explore one’s freedom and control, one’s boundary and flexibility. It’s like rubato: how much time does one need? 

Does that mean it’s futile to learn from others about the skill set required for freedom and control? Not necessary. There are always something to learn, apply, and modify to one’s own devices. 

And that is why I wrote my book “Piano Freedom”.

I once was very frustrated with my limitation at the piano. No matter how hard I tried, I didn’t get to the point I wanted : feeling free at the same time controlled. Gaining the new skills by reading, exploring, practicing, breaking down the old habits and acquiring the new ones was not at all an easy path. But I knew I must do it to get closer to where I wanted. And I did. That had been why I wanted to focus more on teaching others and that also has become why I have decided to publish my book this year after finishing it for almost three years now. It is time to get it out there.

Accompanied with this book (text and illustrations) comes with a DVD / series of videos to demonstrate on the various techniques and an exercise book for readers to work on the techniques described. I hope this will truly help anyone who is eager and ready to have a real breakthrough in one’s piano playing – just like I did over 10 years ago.

I can’t wait to share with you all this in a few months’ time. 

Much blessings,


Forearm-Finger Alignment, figure 3 from my upcoming book "Piano Freedom"
Forearm-Finger Alignment, figure 3 from my upcoming book “Piano Freedom”

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