My First Book “Piano Freedom” is Now Available on!

I am beyond thrilled to announce the publication of my first book, “Piano Freedom”. The fact that I hadn’t even dedicated a post to honor its birth and told you my dear Readers about it is mainly because I was afraid of the tiny mistakes you might find in the first edition. I was afraid you might not like it! However I simply could not contain my joy anymore: the pure joy and satisfaction of finally making it all the way to this point, having the first copy in my hand, revelling and rejoicing in its beauty (and looking for any technical issues to fix at the same time).  So here I am, with all the flaws you might find and all the ridicule you might read, to present you this very first book of mine, “Piano Freedom”.

My first book, "Piano Freedom"
My first book, “Piano Freedom”

You can purchase a copy of it on various platform below:…/…/9887708305/…/…/B01EAIDDME

Thank you again for your support and I hope my book will be able to help you advance in piano technique and rekindle (pun intended) your love with piano playing all over again.

Much love,


Note: I do am working on the second edition already (which is not a lot of difference really- just some small fix here and there, the book content is essentially the same). However, if any of you who will buy and have bought this precious first edition of my book, I can guarantee you a second edition copy for free. Just write me for an upgrade, cheers.

Here is the publication of my second book, “Technique Transformation Exercise Book”.

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