Student Progress, Performance and Competition

Suffice to say, I am proud of and happy for my students whenever they achieve great results in exams, performance and competitions. However, I am proud and happy not because of the results- the marks, the cups or the certificates my students gained. I am rather satisfied with seeing my students’ continual growth and progress, to the point they are rewarded these results, which show the effort they have put in and the recognization they rightly deserve to be given. Therefore, I rejoice with and for my students every time they are awarded in any musical occasion. And I tell them they need to be proud of themselves too.

So, I am proud of you, you and you. And I equally am proud of those who have been working hard towards their goals and never give up on their love, passion, and belief in their music dream whether they be playing, teaching, performing and writing. Keep going you all!

Teresa Wong

Proud of you girl!
Proud of you girl!


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