About Our Piano Beginner Course

Our “Music on Wings: Piano Beginner Course” is an all-in- one piano program that provides a comprehensive training in all aspects of music learning: playing, listening, singing, reading, writing, improvising and composing.

Piano Beginner Series

About the Series

The Piano Beginner Series is written in two sets: Teacher Instruction Guide and Student Practice Guide.

Each set is written to ensure that both teachers and students alike gain through precision learning and best practice techniques.

Student Practice Guide

This comprehensive guide provides students with step by step practice notes to enable independent, at home revision. Each practice session is specifically designed to give both students and parents the confidence that improvement through practice will be achieved each and every time. This one-year program will give every student a solid foundation in piano performance and musical knowledge, bringing greater enjoyment to playing the piano.

Music learning is fun, exciting and a gift full of joy. These guides will enable you to share in that joy through

your teaching, studying, or both.

About This Book

Student Practice Guide: Book I

Book I is the first in a series of four books, each one moving students through to a higher level of music understanding and piano performance. This is a fun and easy to use book that enables piano beginners of all ages to embark on a new and exciting musical journey.

There are four sections in this book: repertoire playing (pieces and practice directions); aural training (singing and listening); sight-reading (note reading and rhythm training); and technique training (scales and exercises). There is also a glossary of musical terms to help students get acquainted with the basic rudiments of music.

Best results will be achieved by following the step-by- step practice instructions and doing all the home exercises, which in turn will transform lessons into amazingly productive and enjoyable development sessions.

Music on Wings: Piano Beginner Course Student Practice Guide Book I
Music on Wings: Piano Beginner Course Student Practice Guide Book I

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