Every note we play, every song we learnt.
Every lesson we take, every teacher/student we met.
Every concert we performed, every exam we took.
Every moment we have at the piano.

Every one of them is precious.

Appreciate the chance we have with music. It seems easy for us to come by -like everyone is playing an instrument in Hong Kong –
But it’s not guaranteed. It seems like it because our parents have strived their best to work and provide for us the best education, and in their mind music is one of the subjects. Many parents never had the chance to take any piano/instrumental lessons, yet they believe it’s a great thing for us to learn.

We need to be thankful for the opportunity and deeply and fully appreciate and utilize it. And to deeply and fully appreciate it means to work hard at it, to do the best to get the best result (learning and performing rather than marks and grades- when you have the first you automatically have the second).

For those who take the initiative to take piano lessons and even pay for themselves, congratulation! You have given yourself such a beautiful gift for your life ahead to enjoy and explore for many many years to come. It’s an interactive tool. You give more, you receive more. You fail more, you gain more.

I am thankful to have this platform to share with you about piano and life, may peace and joy be with you all.

Teresa Wong

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