Special Courses

ABRSM Exam Prep Intensive Course

Different modules, suitable for: piano teachers/ piano exam candidates / parents of piano exam candidates 

Teach you how to pass and excel in your upcoming piano exam! 

Last minute consultation: contact us today! You can thank us later! 

Option 1: for piano teachers

Guide piano teachers on how to teach their students on specific exam pieces and other requirements.

Option 2: for piano exam candidates 

Teach candidates how to improve in the shortest time their playing and performance issues in their exam pieces, scales and other supporting tests and excel in their exams.

Option 3: for parents of piano exam candidates (prerequisite: parents must have some knowledge of piano playing)

Provide tips for parents on how to help their children on their pieces and other requirements in terms of playing and practice so that the candidates can improve significantly and be more well prepared for their upcoming piano exams. 

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DipABRSM Exam Prep Course 

This is suitable for any candidate who is preparing for the upcoming dipABRSM piano performance exam, we cover everything from the Recital section to Viva Voce, Programme Notes and Quick Study.

We get you ready and work specifically on how to be well prepared for your dipABRSM piano exam. We make sure you have all the requirements right, from your concert attire, to your programme note print-out; from your repertoire choice and interpretation to analysis of your pieces. We custom made the course to suit your personal need. 

Contact us TODAY at twsomusic@gmail.com to schedule your lesson time!

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