Month: February 2018

八級樂器考試後的選擇: 文憑考試 (鋼琴演奏/教學 – 聖三一 /皇家音樂學院專業考試和課程)

0-2’20” : 聖三一 ATCL鋼琴演奏文憑考試內容
2’20”-4’20”: 皇家鋼琴演奏文憑考試內容 DipABRSM piano performance
4’20”-10’50″: 皇家鋼琴教學文憑考試內容 dipABRSM music direction and instrumental teaching, 皇家鋼琴教學證書及課程 CT ABRSM (Certificate of Teaching)
10’50”-13’30″: 究竟你應該選擇那一個文憑考試或有什麼需要去預備?
Analysis: which diploma should you take and what do you have to prepare
13’30”-end: 如何去預備演奏文憑考試?如何考取更高分數?有什麼方面你需要去分外留心?More on dipABRSM performance: how to prepare for the exam and how to get higher score? What do you have to pay extra attention to?

[:en]Words of Encouragement for You[:]

[:en]I just want to write a quick note for all of you out there, who might be feeling a bit down or frustrated because you didn’t have the better result than you expected in your exam/concert/teaching/building your studio. Please read this:

You didn’t fail.
You tried your best (at that moment) and it wasn’t the result you wanted. (If you didn’t try your best then thats really your fault and you have no one to blame it for.)
You can try again.
But before you take that exam/performance/the next project, think about what went wrong.
Looking into yourself is very important, but most people don’t want to do it. Because it’s hard. It can be embarrassing to see why you made that mistake.
But you are only human.
What you can do now is to think how to move forward and be better next time around. And to reach that goal you need a much better planning this time.
Because most likely, what didn’t work last time will not work next time either. And if you are just going to do the same thing again, you are simply setting yourself up for error and mistake one more time. Who does that? Some people do. You don’t want to be one of them.

Now, get up and tell yourself, you are setting up for success this time. And you are going to do your best you know how for it – this requires very careful and detailed planning and execution of what your plan is.
Stick with your plan is very important, second to having a great plan. But even if you have a great plan, if you don’t do what you plan to do, nothing will work for you, so remember that.

Great reward comes from great effort with persistence and time. Nothing substantial is achieved within a very short period of time. Teaching and playing is building knowledge, that’s very similar to building wealth, no one can do it in one day or even a year. It’s constant work and struggle. I have had my fair share of work and struggle. I get frustrated myself sometimes. But every time I get beat up by life and I get back up faster and faster. Because I know deep inside me there’s no point wasting more time on anything even slightly negative and unproductive, that is not contributing to my growth and success.

So here I encourage you to just step back, relax, take a deep breath, and get back up on your feet. I know you can do this and you have that power within you to make this work.

Stay motivated,
Teresa Wong[:]