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(中文) 八級鋼琴考試預備: 聆聽考試 (ABRSM Grade 8 Aural Test) (第二節)

(中文) 黃穎妍老師講解一下有關英國皇家音樂學院八級鋼琴考試聆聽考試 (Aural Test) 的預備需知。

Scale Videos on My YouTube Channel

If you are working on your scales and forget about how the fingering works, here are some references on my YouTube Channel (Teresa Wong School of Music)!

About Movement (I) 有關動作 I (中文版)

ABRSM 2013-2014: Grade 5(C2): Kavaleriiskaya


D.B. Kabalevsky’s “Kavaleriiskaya”.


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