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(中文) 學彈琴是否一定要考試?

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“How to Build a Successful Music Teaching Studio” course special discount

(“How to Build a Successful Music Teaching Studio” course)

Category: Music teaching and business coaching

Note: this is suitable for private teaching only; for running a bigger teaching studio business please contact us directly for one-on-one customised business coaching sessions. 

We are pre-saleing this online course right now – if you sign up by 20 April, 2018, you will enjoy a special discount for the whole course – please fill in this form for more details. You do not pay now until we confirm the numbers of students signed up to make sure we will start the course accordingly. We will send you payment details when suit. 

The course will begin in May 21, 2018. 

Whole course fee: 

Sign up before April 20: HKD$4000  /USD$530

Sign up between April 20 and April 30: HKD$5000/USD$660

Sign up between May 1 and May 18: HKD$6000/USD$790

Online piano consultation explained

Want to know about how I can help you in our online consultation together? Watch this informative video and find out more! Facebook: website: Send us an email at to receive a special discount for your first consultations or lessons with us today (mention MARCHSPECIAL)!


「怎樣建立一個成功的音樂教學室」視像課程 (How to Build a Successful Music Teaching Studio) : 我最近在編寫一個課程,課程內容主要針對幫助樂器教師,為他們開始建立一個成功的音樂教師事業。這個課程一共為10堂。內容包括怎樣去推廣自己,怎樣去收取學生,怎樣去營運自己的工作室等等。當中也有一些功課要做,而這些功課是直接幫你們去建立自己的工作室的,例如寫自己的博客/網站,定立收費表,寫下自己的教學理念,工作室營運的細則等等。你們不用擔心自己不懂的東西,我會教你們怎樣去一步一步的做。現在我正在準備錄製這個課程的英文版(How to Build a Successful Music Teaching Studio)。我很想知道你們有沒有興趣去上中文版的課程「怎樣建立一個成功的音樂教學室」。如果你有興趣的話,請在這個video按Like,和發放短信給我們,讓我們知道你對課程的興趣(中文或英文請說明)。而與我們首先聯絡的學生,我們會給你一個特別的學費折扣。因為我相信你們是積極學習的一群,所以你們會得到優惠。

Update April 6, 2018: 大家好,我們現在正在為此課程進行預售。如果您在2018年4月20日之前註冊,您現在可以享受特別優惠!請在此填寫此表單:


究竟網上資詢課程可以做什麼呢?現在我給大家解答一下。你可以查詢關於文憑考試或者級別考試的問題,可以即時上課或是通過電郵視像去上課,內容可以是關於演奏的曲目,也可以是筆試和口試的問題。我也可以幫你預備其他樂器的文憑考試的筆試和口試。Facebook: 網頁:

Choices after grade 8 piano (instrumental) exam: Diplomas (ABRSM/TCL)

More information on my online consultatino service:

Online Piano Consultation

0-2″ General information
2’00” what is ATCL diploma (recital)
3’20” what is dipABRSM
4’20” what are viva voce and programme notes in dipABRSM (performance)
5’50” how to prepare for viva voce
7’05” what are the other concentrations in dipABRSM; what are the prerequisite for dipABRSM (instrumental teaching)
9’55” what is CT ABRSM?
10’50” knowing how to play is different from knowing how to teach10’50” knowing how to play is different from knowing how to teach

八級樂器考試後的選擇: 文憑考試 (鋼琴演奏/教學 – 聖三一 /皇家音樂學院專業考試和課程)

0-2’20” : 聖三一 ATCL鋼琴演奏文憑考試內容
2’20”-4’20”: 皇家鋼琴演奏文憑考試內容 DipABRSM piano performance
4’20”-10’50″: 皇家鋼琴教學文憑考試內容 dipABRSM music direction and instrumental teaching, 皇家鋼琴教學證書及課程 CT ABRSM (Certificate of Teaching)
10’50”-13’30″: 究竟你應該選擇那一個文憑考試或有什麼需要去預備?
Analysis: which diploma should you take and what do you have to prepare
13’30”-end: 如何去預備演奏文憑考試?如何考取更高分數?有什麼方面你需要去分外留心?More on dipABRSM performance: how to prepare for the exam and how to get higher score? What do you have to pay extra attention to?