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Farewell 再會 by Teresa Wong 黃穎妍


This video was filmed at a beautiful place in Colorado. It was a magical trip to be there, celebrating life, freedom, creativity, love and new start to an unknown yet exciting journey ahead. As I give myself more to my music and my creativity, I see there are so much more to life than being in a rut, a normal day-to-day life that is comfortable yet unchallenged. A new unexplored path is scary to trod on, but life without challenge and adventure is in fact not a life. Every life is precious. We must embrace our own authentic self so that we can live it to the fullest. Then it would be a life worth living.

Theme of Grandma (thinking of) 祖母的旋律 by Teresa Wong 黃穎妍

In this video I played one of my new piano works: The Theme of Grandma (Thinking of). Enjoy!

Sea Fantasy 大海幻想曲 by Teresa Wong 黃穎妍




Sea Fantasy 大海幻想曲 Composed by 作曲: Teresa Wong
Performed by 鋼琴演奏: Teresa Wong
Filmed and edited by 攝影和剪接: Teresa Wong

(中文) 音樂和旅遊遊記 (一)

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