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About Online Consultation (Piano Diploma Exams)

Short Online Courses for Piano Teachers/Diploma Students

We are now introducing new online courses and taking enrolment until the spaces are all filled.

Here are the courses and short description: 

Course 1. How to prepare your students for diploma exams successfully

Class 1:

General criteria of exam requirement and repertoire choice 

Class 2:

How to choose pieces for your students 

Class 3:

Examples of repertoire choice and general background of genre/pieces 

Class 4: 

Viva voce questions and preparation 

Class 5:

More on viva voce and programme notes 

Student project presentation: examples of repertoire choices and viva voce questions 

(Class 4/5 are subject to change if most of the teacher students are more inclined to prepare students for Trinity exams instead of ABRSM exams)

Course 2. How to improve your students’ technique 

Class 1:

Piano playing and body utilization 

Concept of Body weight and weight transfer 

Class 2:

Application of body weight and weight transfer 

Relation of body weight and weight transfer to arm/hand/finger movement 

Class 3:

More elaboration on class 2 concepts 

Weight training 

Piano techniques 

Class 4:

More on weight training and piano technique

Application and examples of different techniques

Class 5:

Student Project presentation: application of techniques with chosen music examples 

Course 3. How to analyze and interpret advanced repertoire

Class 1:

General background of musical periods

General development of piano/keyboard instruments

Class 2:

Main genres and their characteristics of keyboard repertoire (Baroque and Classical)

Music examples: form, structure and analysis

Class 3:

Main genres and their characteristics of keyboard repertoire (Classical and Romantic)

Music examples: form, structure and analysis

Class 4:

More on genres and examples of keyboard repertoire

More on background and analysis of keyboard repertoire

Performance practice of each musical period in relation to the development and repertoire of the keyboard instrument

How to analyze and prepare a piece for performance and exam

Class 5:

Student Project presentation: application of knowledge learnt in the course with chosen piece of your own

Total Course time

5 hours

Each class duration

1 hour in total: 45 minutes’ lecture + 15 minutes’ Q & A session 

Total fee per course

Original course fee: $3000

Special course fee for early bird enrolment:  $2500 

Deadline for early bird enrolment:  September 8, 2017

Deadline for all enrolment: September 20, 2017

Commencement of courses (Class 1):

Course 1: September 22 Friday 11am

Course 2: September 21 Thursday 10am

Course 3: September 21 Thursday 11am

Note: We might have more course times if there are more students than open spaces in any of the courses and if students are unavailable at the schedule given above. Contact us directly to request more schedule details.

Payment method:

Pay via PayPal or bank transfer to our HSBC account. (Details will be given after  your enrolment – 100% confirmation of your enrolment will be completed after we have received your payment)

We are also organizing a new course to train new teachers to teach Miss Wong’s piano technique method, so that you can train your students to become a more accomplished performer with avid interest in learning music and playing the piano with confidence, control and dexterity! Stay tuned for this course. 

Plan Your Piano Practice Strategy

How to perfect your scales (Part II)

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One-off Piano Consultation Session

Do you want to play scales faster? Do you have a problem with arpeggios? Are you preparing for your graded exam in April/May? Do you want some advice for your ATCL/DipABRSM exam preparation?

Now it’s the time to contact me!

I offer a one-off consultation session for any non-students of mine. So whether you are piano students preparing for your graded exam, or improve your basic piano skills, or you are piano teachers helping your students to be successful in their exams, I welcome you.

This service can be provided in person at my studio or via skype.

Contact me at for scheduling and more details.


New Short Courses 2017

We are introducing new short intensive courses this year:

Sight reading
Ear training
Song writing
*Piano teacher training

Whole course duration: 10 classes
Format: group courses, 3-6 people
Original Fee: $3600.
New student special price: $3400.
*Piano teacher training ($6000 whole course 10 weeks)
**sight reading + ear training ($4600 whole course, special: $4400)


*1030-1145am piano teacher training level I (Teresa Wong)
*12-1245pm fundamental sight reading training (Teresa Wong)
*1-145pm fundamental ear training (Teresa Wong)
*715-830pm sight reading + ear training (Teresa Wong)

4-445pm fundamental sight reading training (Teresa Wong)
445-530pm fundamental ear training (Teresa Wong)

4-450pm sight reading for kids (Carol Yip)
5-550pm ear training for kids (Carol Yip)
6-650pm church pianist training (Carol Yip)

Contact us today at for registration and questions!

Piano Technique Transformation, 鋼琴技巧改造



This is going to be the BEST course I am going to teach, and you are going to take, ever (well until the next best one for sure :D).

I will “warn” anyone before signing up for this course, that you will get amazing result after completing it. BUT, there is a catch: 

You must be COMMITTED to doing all the work and all the thinking while maintaining willpower during the whole course, RIGHT FROM THE START (Actually, BEFORE you start).

You must be DEDICATED TO YOURSELF when you take this course. You take it because you truly want to transform your piano playing (and subsequently your teaching too if you are a piano teacher) forever completely for the better. 

I can even promise you on that one.

But only if you really make it happen for yourself. I can’t do it for you. 

I will however do everything to help you achieve your goal. 

So think seriously about it before you sign up, because it is going to take hard work, I don’t mean all the heavy lifting and muscle strain (quite the opposite: you are going to feel LIGHT and EFFORTLESS and EASY), I mean tough mental work, and keep your cool and keep working through the whole process.

If you are that kind of student, then I am the kind of teacher you have been looking for. 

See you soon!


Course duration: 10 weeks

Course module: group or individual program

Group class (3-5 student small group setting) starts in February 2017. Early bird special deadline: January 21, 2017.

This is a ten-week course: it is the same for individual course (schedule arranged accordingly to meet individual candidate’s need). It focuses primarily on transforming candidate’s existing piano technique, therefore it is NOT a diploma exam preparation program. If you are interested in diploma exam prep course, please contact us for further information.

Technique Transformation
“Technique Transformation Exercise Book” is now available on

Amazon paperback:

Kindle ebook:

Special Courses

ABRSM Exam Prep Intensive Course

Different modules, suitable for: piano teachers/ piano exam candidates / parents of piano exam candidates 

Teach you how to pass and excel in your upcoming piano exam! 

Last minute consultation: contact us today! You can thank us later! 

Option 1: for piano teachers

Guide piano teachers on how to teach their students on specific exam pieces and other requirements.

Option 2: for piano exam candidates 

Teach candidates how to improve in the shortest time their playing and performance issues in their exam pieces, scales and other supporting tests and excel in their exams.

Option 3: for parents of piano exam candidates (prerequisite: parents must have some knowledge of piano playing)

Provide tips for parents on how to help their children on their pieces and other requirements in terms of playing and practice so that the candidates can improve significantly and be more well prepared for their upcoming piano exams. 

Contact us TODAY at to schedule your lesson time!

DipABRSM Exam Prep Course 

This is suitable for any candidate who is preparing for the upcoming dipABRSM piano performance exam, we cover everything from the Recital section to Viva Voce, Programme Notes and Quick Study.

We get you ready and work specifically on how to be well prepared for your dipABRSM piano exam. We make sure you have all the requirements right, from your concert attire, to your programme note print-out; from your repertoire choice and interpretation to analysis of your pieces. We custom made the course to suit your personal need. 

Contact us TODAY at to schedule your lesson time!

(中文) 八級鋼琴考試預備: 聆聽考試 (Aural Test) (第一節)

Sorry, this entry is only available in 中文.

Scale Videos on My YouTube Channel

If you are working on your scales and forget about how the fingering works, here are some references on my YouTube Channel (Teresa Wong School of Music)!

(中文) 鋼琴文憑考試:「設定目標」 (goal setting)

Sorry, this entry is only available in 中文.

Piano Clinic

Piano Clinic is a one-off consultation service provided by Miss Teresa Wong. This is a great opportunity for piano students who need extra help and guidance prior to any big major music events such as piano exams (graded or diplomas), auditions, competitions and performance. It is also a great time for piano teachers who needs some guidance on teaching their own students. Topics of consultation can range from exam preparation (pieces, viva voce, programme notes), technique problem, repertoire choice, to teaching issues. Contact us today to make an appointment with Miss Wong!

Mock Exam

September kicks off the season of piano exams.

I like to give students (especially those I feel under-prepared) a mock exam a few weeks prior to the real one. Conducting a mock exam is a good way for teachers to assess students’ potential results and for students to understand how well- prepared (or not!) for their upcoming exams.

In the mock exam, I act as the examiner, and I go through the whole exam routine as in a real one. I give scores for each area (scales, each exam piece, sight-reading and aural test) and the score in total. I put them side by side to the pass score and the full score, to show how well (or not) the students did in each area. I also write down very precise remarks on each area for what went wrong and what needs to be improved. I share this report to both the student and his/her parent. This way, they both understand what needs to be improved in the last few weeks to get a more desirable result.

I believe sometimes it is not the student or the parent who does not want to work harder to achieve better results. Rather, they do not know how to ask what to do and how to improve (except “practice more and harder”). Giving some precise pointers provides clear directions for them to get to the level they need/want to be at. As I always remind my teachers in training, it takes three to tango, or this case, to “piano”.

Piano Scales Video Series


I am compiling a series of scale videos for you – whether a beginner or a student of graded levels – as a reference. I start with the major ones, both right hand and left hand in one octave ascending and descending. I shoot the videos from high above so you can watch how I play with respective fingerings. Hope they help!

Don’t forget to sign up for a FREE membership account to watch more of this kind of videos and posts!

Video I, Major, C, G, D



New Piano Programs !

Teresa Wong School of Music is launching new exciting piano programs for the new academic year! Ranging from piano beginner to piano diplomas and piano teacher training, there is definitely one program for you!