Students’ Recital 學生音樂會

This contains some selected clips from our students’ recital in December 2008.

Friday November 11th, 2016

Around the World in 80 Minutes Duet Concert Photo Album

Check out the photos from our duet concert Around the World in 80 Minutes here!  
Friday September 23rd, 2016

Piano Duet Concert

Our piano duet concert, "80 Minutes Around the World", will be held on October 16, 2016 (Sunday) at 730pm, at the Recital Hall 8/F of Hong Kong City Hall. This is a very fun and creative piano concert, and we would love to see you there!
Wednesday February 3rd, 2016

Afterthoughts on Student Concert 2016

I’m very glad that our annual student concert has come to a fruitful completion last Sunday.  Here I’d like to take this opportunity to thank […]
Friday January 23rd, 2015

TWSoM Student Concert 2015 Photo Album 學生音樂會 2015 相片簿

Dear all, Some photos from the student concert have been posted. Please go to the following link for your viewing, thank you! More soon. 音樂會相片現可在上面連結看到。謝謝。 […]
Friday January 16th, 2015

dipABRSM seminar, Promo 3: Guess the composer/song title 文憑級考試預備講座: 估歌仔 (III)

文憑級考試預備講座: 估歌仔 (II) Give us the name of the piece and that of the composer and we will give you a FREE ticket to our […]
Thursday January 15th, 2015


最近我們學校開辦了一個鋼琴親子班。 這個班有甚麼好處呢? 家長提供小朋友一個機會去學習音樂學習彈琴一件很美好的事情。但是很多時候家長自己本身沒有學習鋼琴或樂器的經驗,因而感到束手無策,不知怎樣幫助孩子去學習和練習,亦不知道怎樣和老師去溝通,瞭解孩子學習的進度等等。 如果家長也可以放心機去和孩子一起學習彈琴的話,那就是最直接、最簡單的方法了。 當然這不是一定要做的。因為家長已經有很多事情要去處理。我明白照顧小孩子是一件很辛苦的事情,還要家長去學鋼琴嗎? 不如讓我告訴你們一個秘密吧:彈琴真是一件很好玩的事情呢!上星期日舉行了一年一度的學生音樂會,我和兩位學生作了四手聯彈的表現。這真是一件非常開心的事情。除了自己可以在鋼琴上面彈奏音樂、自己享受之外,也和學生及觀眾分享了音樂的美妙和感動。真摯的感情是不能裝出來的。 我見到在本校內,家長和自己的小孩一起學習。有些真是由最初的基本課程和小孩學習。也有些是比較有經驗的家長和小孩子一起來跟我上課。也有一些事家長特別來跟我上課,令到小孩子在家裏一起作室樂彈奏,了解怎樣去幫助小孩子練習等等。家人一起在家中分享音樂、彈奏音樂、讓小孩子在音樂中成長,是一件非常美麗、美好的事情。 所以當我聽到成人跟我說:「我太老了,不能學鋼琴吧」、又或者「我的手指太硬了,活動不了吧」的時候,我跟他們說:「彈琴是一世的事情,你現在還有很多時間去欣賞、分享音樂。It’s never too late. 現在就開始吧!」 For English: Parent-Child Piano Course 黃穎妍
Tuesday February 11th, 2014

Student Concert 2014 Photos 學生音樂會2014照片

Here are some of the photos from our student concert in January. 以下是一些在我們學生音樂會2014拍攝的照片: More photos at the link below: 更多相片在此: Teresa Wong’s Piano Studio google+ […]
Monday January 27th, 2014

Afterword: Student Concert 2014

Tonight, we did a fantastic job, every student who performed, and yes, I think me too. At least I tried my best to keep my […]
Thursday January 23rd, 2014

Our Rehearsal for Student Concert 2014

Tonight we had a great evening rehearsing for our upcoming student concert (January 26 Sunday). It was wonderful to see my students getting up on […]
Wednesday January 22nd, 2014

Student Concert 2014

Dear all, You are all welcome to come to our student concert on Jan 26, 2014 (Sunday) at 7.30pm at the Lecture Hall of the […]
Thursday December 5th, 2013

Our Next Musical Production

關於我們明年的計劃: 音樂製作及工作坊 About our upcoming plan: musical production and workshops Dear All, We are starting to work on our next big musical production, planning to […]
Monday July 8th, 2013

Thank you for coming to our July 7 concert!

A big thank to everyone participating and contributing to this concert. It was awesome and great fun! We will have some professional photos to show […]
Friday July 5th, 2013

Rehearsal for July 7 Concert

Thank you everyone for your awesome work today!!! Now I am truly excited ~
Tuesday June 25th, 2013

Free Tickets for July 7 Concert

Dear Readers, To thank you for your support all this time, we are now giving out 50 FREE tickets to those who are interested in […]
Saturday June 22nd, 2013

Our Most Updated Program of July 7 Concert

PROGRAM FOR JULY SEVENTH 1st quarter: birth /nature – piano, flute, violin 1. Peer Gynt, by Edvard Grieg Elaine Choy, flute Teresa Wong, piano 2. […]