Church Pianist Training Course

Piano Training for Church Music Keyboardist

In this course, our teacher who has extensive experience in church service will guide students how to create simple harmonization and improvisation for hymn melodies.

Lesson 1

    Basic information

  • Solfege / Letter name /
  • Whole tone & Semitone
  • Scales, Chords, Intervals

Lesson 2

    Chord Symbols

  • Different Quality: M, m, dim, 7th chords
  • Chord and its inversion

Lesson 3

    Four bar progression/ Chord Cycle

  • II-V-I
  • Circle of 5th
Lesson 4
Rhythm pattern and accompaniment (I)
Lesson 5
Rhythm pattern and accompaniment (II)
Lesson 6
Repeating Chorus and last line
Lesson 7
Intro / outro / fill in
Lesson 8
Chord Function
Whole course (8 lessons) : $2400
First lesson starts on April 10. 2015 at 8pm.