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At  Teresa Wong School of Music, we strive at our very best to provide the most professional music education and the most innovative (and fun!) music learning experience to students of various levels and instruments with individual lessons, group courses, performance classes, and performance opportunities. It also organizes professional training courses to piano teachers and piano players to deeper their understanding in the subjects of piano pedagogy, piano performance and piano technique.

Our Courses

Piano Beginner Course (Kids)

Our school has written a new systematic syllabus for the beginners. This first-year beginner course is specially designed to guide students to develop love and build foundation…

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Piano Beginner (Adults)

Always wanted to try your hands at the piano but never had the opportunity to do so when young? Look no further! Our piano beginner course for adults…
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Piano Diploma Courses


We are now offering dipABRSM (piano performance) course. This course is specifically tailored to individual student’s own need. In this course…

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Graded Piano Course (Kids)

We provide professional, systematic and fun graded piano lessons suitable for individual young and teenage students’ needs. Contact us for more details.

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Graded Piano (Adults)

We provide professional, systematic and fun graded piano lessons suitable for individual adult students’ needs. Contact us for more details.

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Parent – Child Piano

Teach parent basics of music knowledge and piano playing. Help parent understand how to assist child to practice at home. Great way to bond parent and child by making music together! …

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Piano Elite

Only for the Serious. Give your effort, time, thoughts and practice into your craft and art and in return you get so much more from our teaching and mentoring! You will be taken to the level you have never ever imagined you would ever be. Exams, competitions, performance, recordings and overseas training/education…
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Piano Fun

This course is all about fun learning at the piano! There will be no exam, competition or performance required at all. And you can go at your own pace.

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Piano Creativity

Let your imagination and your hands run wild! Piano Creativity class is all about dreaming the impossible and making that happen! We will try anything: improvisation, composition, video and audio recording, anything we can possibly think of!

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Church Music Keyboardist

In this course, our teacher who has extensive experience in church service will guide students how to create simple harmonization and improvisation for hymn melodies…

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Piano Creativity (Adults)

Suitable for: Adults who has never played the piano yet want to explore the unknown possibility at this beautiful instrument. No reading or prior experience required. Perfect class for absolute beginners….

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Piano Pedagogy Course

Piano Pedagogy Course is a systematic and informative course to provide solid and fundamental training for piano teachers and students.It is a 10-week course to train the more seasoned teachers who are already in the business for a while but want to equip themselves better..

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Piano Clinic (Consultation)

Miss Teresa Wong provides consultation sessions to those who need extra guidance prior to their piano exams/audition/teaching, from performance, repertoire, technique to exam preparation (graded – diplomas -college auditions)…

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Our Director
Teresa Wong
Teresa Wing-Yin Wong, Director & Principal

Teresa Wong, biography

Miss Teresa Wing-Yin Wong is currently the director and principal of Teresa Wong School of Music, the chief executive officer of Music on Wings Publications, as well as a member of the Music Teachers National Association  (MNTA).

Her recent projects include publishing her new books – Piano Freedom, Piano Technique Transformation Exercise Book, and Music on Wings: Piano Beginner Course Book Series (Student Guides and Teacher Instruction Books).

Being a versatile pianist, Miss Wong is also passionate about her teaching. She was an adjunct lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University, and a teaching assistant at the Chinese University of Hong Kong when pursuing her research interest in historical musicology. Miss Wong has also served as a jury in prestigious international piano competitions.

Now she focuses on building her school Teresa Wong School of Music to teach students and train teachers in order to maintain a higher level of teaching quality and learning standard.

More about Miss Wong here

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Master of Music in Piano Performance (Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music, USA)
Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance, Hong Kong Baptist University (1st Honor)
Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music, Piano Performance
Other specializations: piano pedagogy and choral conducting


Our Gallery
Our Video
Teresa Wong and Carol Yip: The First Duet (Teresa Wong, composer)
Piano Clinic 鋼琴診療所 by Teresa Wong
On Piano Diploma Exam : Programme Cover
TWSOM Student Concert 2015: Isaac Chan
Our Audio

Our Events
Our school invites students to become part of a thriving musical community.

We believe that there’s more to a student’s development than a weekly lesson. Our workshops, concerts and music gatherings are designed to broaden musical knowledge and allow students to meet in a relaxed setting.

Upcoming Events
Sunday, January 31, 2016
Annual Student Concert 2016
April 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016
Second Semester 2016
April 30, 2016 (Saturday), 5pm- 5.45pm
Our first Music Club class!
26 June, 2016 (Sunday)
Half-year Assessment (Piano Beginner Course Students)
Oct 16, 2016 (Sunday) at 7.30pm at Recital Hall, Hong Kong City Hall

Our workshops are open to students of all ages and skill levels. They are held regularly throughout the term and provide students with an opportunity to perform works-in-progress and discuss music theory and history.

Student Concerts

We strongly value performance as part of our curriculum and encourage all students to play at our annual concerts, which are always scheduled in January every year. Our upcoming student concert will be held on January 31, 2016 (Sunday) at 5 pm at Hong Kong Congregational Church.

Music Gatherings

Further performance opportunities are available to our students through participating in our regular music gatherings and open competitions.

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