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How to Build a Successful Music Teaching Studio
This is a course specially designed for private music instrument teacher, no matter you are a piano/violin/flute teacher (no offense to others not mentioned, you are all included!), whether you are new to teaching and have not idea how to start, or you have been teaching for a while, but you want to build a better and more successful studio of your own, you are welcome to this course!

I guarantee this course is going to help you so much and get you started /help you to become even more successful with your teaching! This course is going to teach you to do everything from scratch, from writing your blog and promoting yourself, to laying down your studio policy and setting fees, and recruiting your first student (and more!). Personally I wish I had taken this course when I just started teaching seriously – I had to do it the hard way myself but now you have ME to teach you!

Piano Teacher Training Course

Format 1:
I am going to do this Piano Teacher Training Course (Real Time Skype Version) first!!

Format 2:
This is NOT real-time – You are still going to take this course online, at the comfort of wherever you are.
There are some assignments you have to do – well you don’t have to, but they directly help you build your studio, so I strongly encourage you to do them!

We are still in the process of getting everything together, but we are very excited about this course, because we know it can help thousands of teachers all over the world to achieve their full potential. Whether you are teaching at home, or plan to build a private teaching studio, this course is designed just for you.

Stay tuned to know more! You can also follow us on Facebook and YouTube for more updates.

The first 50 students who contact us directly via email first (subject title: successful music teaching course) are going to have a very special discount for this whole course, because they are so proactive in learning that they are motivated enough to contact us!

Piano Teacher Training Course

Many of you have been asking me when I will have the next course. I apologize for such delay. There are so many projects and courses to record, while giving private consultation online!

So finally, I decided…I will do this course again! But there’s a twist.

Don’t worry, it’s really for the better. I’m taking this course ONLINE! So you can take this course anywhere in the world.

And one more thing…it’s going to be even cheaper than the face-to-face course! Why? Because I want to motivate YOU to take it. I know my teacher students have all learnt so much from this course and accomplished great success with their own teaching. They can inspire all those students out there that I would never know.

So what do you think? Are you interested? I am probably going to do the Chinese version first though. I need a vote on both of these courses to be honest, because doing two courses in two languages at the same time will definitely drive me to the ground…And I need to know who wants to take which. So I will record the course that is most needed.

Send me an email at today for any questions on any of the courses above or my consultation sessions. You can also fill in the forms here:

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