Piano Lessons 鋼琴課程

Diploma Levels 文憑級

Beginners 初級
Grades 1- 8 一至八級
Children – Adults 小孩和成人

Provides Comprehensive Piano Lessons Integrating Piano Exam Preparation,
Music Appreciation and Piano Technique

Improves piano skills, integrating musical & theoretical elements

Piano Diploma Levels: Repertoire choice, preparation of viva voce & program notes
鋼琴文憑級: 為學生預備口試及筆試

Grades 1-8: Not only the exam pieces and scales preparation, Includes preparation for aural tests & sight-reading tests, & provision of music theory homework (theory exercise not exam-oriented)
一至八級: 課堂考試的樂曲和的準備以外, 包括聆聽測驗、視譜能力測驗、及樂理練習 (不是考試預備)

Provides opportunities to participate in exams, competitions & performances

Organizes music gatherings/performance classes (graded levels / diploma levels), & student recitals to gain more performance experiences and in preparation for exams & competitions
舉行音樂聚會 / 表演班 (級別/ 文憑級) ,及學生音樂會令學生獲得更多表演機會以及預備考試和比賽

Provides assistance in applying to music schools both locally & abroad,
e.g. admission essay, audition program & interview

About Teresa Wong’s Piano Lessons:
This video shall give you some ideas about my piano lessons: lesson schedule and structures, studio activities as well as my teaching philosophy:



I emphasize teaching students 我主張教導學生
*a solid foundation with efficient playing method, a combination of body/arm weight and finger technique

*a large repertoire with diverse musical styles

*strong sight-reading ability

*good musical aural ability

*keyboard skills/improvisation technique

With all these skills learnt, students enjoy their learning and playing experience, whilst at the same time develop independent thinking and critical judgment towards their own playing.

A lesson log sheet is provided for every student in every lesson to show students/parents what students have learnt in the lesson, what they have to revise and how they have to practice in the coming week. Student progress reports are also provided to show students/parents what students have learnt in the past months/year. Frequent discussions between students/parents and teacher are maintained to keep track of students’ learning progress.
每一個學生在每節課堂都會收到課堂記錄表,這記錄表展示每節課堂學生所學的東西,能幫助學生/家長了解學生有什麼要練習/修改,以及在未來一周如何練習。 同時亦提供學生進度報告 , 給學生/家長展示學生在過去幾個月/一年學了什麼,學習進度如何。老師和家長/學生之間亦會保持溝通, 討論學生的學習進度。
Videotaping of students’ playing in lessons also helps to show students/parents students’ learning progress and improvement in performance. Instruction videos of teaching/practice are provided at times to show students/parents how to achieve the level/technique of playing desired.

Please read the following links before any enquiry.

Common Questions About Piano Lessons



中文版: 『上課規則』

Studio Picture
This is where the magic begins!

I welcome any music-related enquiry 我歡迎任何音樂上的查詢.
Email address: twsomusic@gmail.com

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  1. admin says:

    Hi Ming, thanks for your message. I believe 3 years old is a little too young. It would be most beneficial for her to wait for at least another year before starting individual piano lessons. In the meantime, she can attend some music group classes that include singing and movements. Please watch this video for more information : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIS9EIVRCVw
    You can also contact us directly at twsomusic@gmail.com should you need more course information from us.
    Thank you, TW

  2. Ming Chu says:

    My Daughter is 3 years old now can she start learning piano?

  3. anna says:

    Dear miss wong,

    May I know how do you charge for atcl level? Where is your studio? hope to receive your reply soon . Thanks!

  4. Karen says:

    Dear Ms. Wong,

    I am looking for a piano teacher for my 6 years old boy.
    May i know that
    1. your availability
    2. your charges

    Thank you so much.


  5. Katie says:

    Dear Miss Wong,

    After reading your website, I do genuinely feel you passion and expertise you possess in your music teaching. I am an adult learner and would like to know how much is the tuition fees for Grade 7/8 piano. Thanks for replying and giving the wonderful resource in piano teaching.


  6. Ginny says:

    I have got 56/100 in ATCL last year.
    I really want to have piano lessons from you.
    where do you teach?how much is the tuition fee?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks a lot.


  7. Grace Lam says:

    Dear Miss Wong,

    I have sent email to you via info@teresawong.hk.

    Please check email with subtitle “A piano teacher who treats piano learning seriously and have the mind set to work hard and excel”.


  8. Wenma says:

    Hi Teresa,
    Pls check mail with subtitle “9 years girl who treats her paino learning seriously”

  9. admin says:

    I have received a dozen emails in the last couple days, and I don’t see your email in one of them. Could you please send it again? And please give me more information on your daughter’s piano learning background.

    Teresa Wong

  10. Wenma says:

    We watched your student’s recordings and found Sonata Haydn XVI50 is what my daughter is playing. She is looking for a new teacher and is interesting in getting your coach. She likes your Debussy Reflets Dans L’eau very much as well.
    We sent you a mail couple days ago. Could you reply?

  11. lawerence lau says:

    Im thirteen years old, i would like to learn diploma course.92052523

  12. lau kin ho says:

    I would to learn dipolma piano lesson, how can i contact u.

  13. Dennis Ng says:

    Dear Teresa,

    Also request to see whether can be a student. Sent you an email today using your info@ account. See whether you are interest to take an old adult.

    Best regards.

    Dennis Ng

  14. Mrs Yuen says:

    Dear teacher

    I sent an e-mail to you via info@teresawong.hk yesterday, can you check and reply me.

    Thanks & regards

  15. Mandy says:

    Hello Teresa, I passed my ABRSM grade 3 piano exam last year in May with excellent result (138/150). I’m currently at grade 4. I was wondering how much you would charge per hour or 45 minutes. I live in Tuen Mun. I dont think there is any chance for a private lesson at my place, is there? I’m an adult student.

  16. Kitty says:

    Hi Teresa,

    I am a adult and looking for a piano teacher. How much for grade 3? Where do ou teach? I can go to your home or shop.


  17. Ms. Chan says:

    Hi Ms. Wong,

    Are you still accepting student? My son is 6 years old and he has been learning for 2 years of piano. Still at elementary level.

    How much do you charge and what’s the duration for each lesson?

    Thanks very much, Ms. Chan

  18. Katherine Lau says:

    Dear Ms. Wong,

    I have 2 boys who have learnt piano for just over 1 year. Their teacher said they can take Grade 2 exam end of the year, so this is their standard. As we have moved our house recently & we are quite close to your studio, I would like to have more information from you.
    1)Our boys finish school 3.15. What’s time slot do you have for 2 boys?
    2)Do you go to students’ house?
    3)What are your fees?


    Katherine Lau

  19. Satoko Isobe says:

    Ms. Wong,
    My twin daughters (5) have started taking lessons from a lady last December, only to be told she no longer has time slots available for them due to her own scheduling changes and now we are looking for a teacher so that they can continue. At this point, I want them to have more fun than anything. I would appreicate if you could get back to me with;
    1. your availability
    2. charges
    3. your approach to small children just starting out
    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.


  20. Echo says:

    Hi Ms Wong,

    My son, Josh, is 6 years old and he has passed grade one exam in this April. I am looking for another piano teacher. May I know your available time in Sat afternoon? Thanks,


  21. Mary says:

    Dear Ms Wong,

    I am looking for a piano teacher for mt ABRSM Dip exam, may I know your available time and rate? Thanks!


  22. Lucia says:

    Dear Ms. Wong,

    I am interested in playing piano. But I am a beginner and now I am 19 actually. Is it too late to learn?! I would like to ask you the cost of the lessons as well. I am looking forward to your favourable reply.
    Thank you!


  23. Angelina says:

    Dear Ms. Wong,

    I am looking for a great piano teacher for myself. My level is beginner but I’m committed in learning piano for the long term. Do you go to student’s home? I live near your studio above Happy Valley. How soon can you start teaching a new student with your schedule? Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,

  24. Karmen says:

    Dear Miss Wong,
    I am looking for a piano teacher for my son, who is 5-year-old and has some elementary knowledge in playing piano. Do you have time on Tuesday around 3:30pm-5:30pm?
    Kind regards,

  25. m wong says:

    I am a beginner, do you teach? can u let me know the fees?

  26. admin says:

    Dear Christine,
    Please check your email for my reply.

    Dear All,
    You can be sure that after you have left your messages here, they are to be replied as soon as possible, thank you.

    Teresa Wong

  27. Christine Lee says:

    I would like to take ABRSM Diploma Levels 文憑級
    how much does it cost ?

    Pls reply thanks !

  28. Fredrick says:

    Hello Teresa,

    I am 26, had finished ATCL few years before, but stopped playing the piano after that, now want to pickup again and prepare for LTCL in future, may I know how much will you charge for my standard? Thank you.


  29. admin says:

    Dear Mandy,
    Thank you for your enquiry.
    Yes, I do teach adults as well.
    My home studio is in Fortress Hill/North Point area.
    Please check your email for my further reply.
    Best regards,

  30. Mandy says:

    Hello Teresa,
    My 5 years old son is interesting in learning to play piano, may I ask how much do you charge for a lesson, and where is your studio??

    And, do you teach adult too??

    Kind regards,

  31. admin says:

    Dear George,
    Thank you for your enquiry.
    Please check your email for my reply.
    Best regards,
    Teresa Wong

  32. George Uy-Tioco says:

    Dear Teresa,

    I am looking for a piano teacher for my 5 year old daughter. You mention in your website you also introduce your students to other kinds of music. What other kinds of music do you teach other than classical? I’d also like to know if you can teach at our residence.

    Best regards,


  33. admin says:

    Dear Jones,
    Thank you for your message. Please check your email account for my reply.
    Teresa Wong

  34. jones says:

    dear teresa,

    i have a son who’s 3 years old now and i want him to learn a musical instrument. so do you have minimum age requirement for your student and how much do you charge? thanks.

  35. admin says:

    Hi Krissy,

    Thank you for your interest in my teaching.
    I have sent my reply to your email account. Please check.

    Teresa Wong

  36. krissy martin says:

    hello! my son charlie has had almost two years of piano instruction in the US. we have recently moved to hong kong (causeway bay) and are looking for an instructor. we also have two other boys who have never taken lessons but are very interested. are you accepting new students? please let me know.
    thank you, krissy

  37. admin says:

    Dear Maribel,
    Thank you for your message. Please check your email account for my reply.
    Teresa Wong

  38. Maribel Magloire says:

    Dear Ms. Wong;

    We are looking for a piano teacher for our daughter (Gabrielle) who is 14 years old. She took piano lessons when she was very young for about three years. Since, we have moved to Asia where she continued taking lessons for a very short period. Gabrielle is interested in beginning lessons again. We are not sure of her level (maybe beginner). Where do you teach? Do you have time for another student? Do you go to student homes?
    Thank you,

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