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[:en]Growth Mindset[:zh]成長思維模式[:]

[:en]I looked at my diary and saw I scheduled to write something about mindset in Chinese (gasp! and yes I put everything from breakfast to weightlifting to “no phone” for an hour on my phone’s calendar). So I went to my blog and looked at what I had written before.

Then I found A Reader’s Response to “The Right Mindset” – please read it.

I then translated the English post to include a new Chinese version.

Reading through the response from my reader got me thinking, and indeed it was sentimental on many levels (the reader became someone I trusted to work for me for a while, thank you, I deeply appreciate your effort if you manage to keep reading my blog these days!).

I looked up when I wrote the post about the reader’s response – it was in April 2011. Then I looked up when I wrote the original “The Right Mindset” post – it was August 2010, only a little over half year into establishing my own piano studio. I was amazed at how early on I had this idea of having the right mindset would help you change and progress so much in not only in piano playing but also in life.

Now, September 2016, 6 years from that first post, I not only have maintained that same belief in the right mindset but also “upgraded” that belief into a “growth mindset” (instead of “fixed mindset”). I often tell and remind students and friends and family, you must have a growth mindset, be flexible, be progressive, be open to allow things to happen in their lives, believing they can grow and do so much more than they think they can. Believing in the unknown possibilities is the first step to all the amazing opportunities, joy and growth and advancement in all aspects of life, whether it be career, relationships, hobbies, or simply, piano playing.