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[:en]Piano Teacher Training Course Level 1[:zh]鋼琴教師訓練課程(第一級)[:]

[:en]If you are ready to take your piano teaching to the next level, here is your chance! Sign up for our Piano Teacher Training Course Level 1 today!
[:zh]你想在鋼琴教學工作上更進一步嗎? 參加鋼琴教師訓練課程(第一級)絕對可以幫到你! 如果你有興趣參加課程,我們可以提供短期課程大綱。詳細的課程大綱將在註冊課程時提供。



[:en]Piano Teacher Training Course (Level I) : Online Real time course (via Skype)[:zh]鋼琴教師培訓班(第一級): 在線實時課程(通過Skype)[:]

[:zh]Piano Teacher Training Course (Level I) : Online Real time course (via Skype)
鋼琴教師培訓班(第一級): 在線實時課程(通過Skype)

Course Information:
Whole course: 10 sessions

Projects : 2 small, 1 final
功課:2個 assignments,1個final project

Sign up in April and Start in May!
General course content: this is a course specifically designed for piano teachers, therefore besides learning how to run your own studio, you would also learn about the basics of piano teaching, from choosing piano beginner books to writing lesson plans, from understanding basic piano technique to doing music analysis etc.