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New Piano Programs !

Teresa Wong School of Music is launching new exciting piano programs for the new academic year! Ranging from piano beginner to piano diplomas and piano teacher training, there is definitely one program for you!

Piano Fun Class 小班鋼琴課程

Piano Fun!

Do you want your kids to try their hands at the piano in a fun comfortable small class settings ? Here’s the chance now!

Our school director Miss Teresa Wong will conduct this class.

Send your enquiries to twsomusic@gmail.com.

Brief Course Content:

3-5 students (suitable for ages 4-6)

ENJOY the fun of music making with other kids.

LEARN independently and co-dependently.

SING in pitch and solfége and develop sense of how to identify and make beautiful melodic tone.

Establish a sense of RHYTHM and Pulse. With the assistance of DRUMS!

Exploring on the PIANO. Play simple songs. Get to know basic piano techniques and start to build a foundation.

And most importantly ,
Grow LOVE for a lifetime of music making and enjoyment !



For further information on schedule and fee, visit here: http://www.twsom.com/#!piano-fun-class/cna4