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At the Piano

At the Piano

It is the scariest yet the most powerful feeling when you sit at the piano ready to perform in front of a crowd of audience.

You feel out of control at the same time in complete control.

You experience the chaos at the same time total peace.

At the piano, no one can help you. Not even your parents, your best friend ever, your loved one, or the person who would die for you. Absolutely no one. You are there to lose yourself or save yourself. You do the math. The glory and failure are all yours.

You might be frowned up, laughed at, scorned and despised. Or you might be praised, glorified, worshiped, admired and adored. But none of these matter. None. Because it is the music that matters. It is what you can give to others that matters. Give them beauty, joy, sorrow, pain, relief, peace, love and lost, waltz in a grand ballroom, garden scene of a mid-summer in Scotland…and the list goes on.

Focus on the music, if that is what you want. Take away your pride, your failure, your ego and your glory. And you shall make the most glorious music.

Music is gorgeous. And Piano is fun.

Until next time,

Teresa Wong

Rehearsal Prior to Our Student Concert 2015
Rehearsal Prior to Our Student Concert 2015