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Storytelling in Piano Playing 彈琴講故事


I always remember that, once upon a time, many years ago, my first Teacher told me to draw a picture about this one Schumann’s piece from “Waldszenen” (Forest Scene Op.82). Although I recalled that my Teacher laughed about my drawing, it was a good experience to create imagery out of a musical work.

我一直記得,曾幾何時,很多年前,我的啟蒙老師叫我這首舒曼的作品(“Waldszenen“, 森林場景 Op.82)畫一幅圖畫。雖然我記得我的老師笑我的畫功很不濟,但是從音樂作品創造出一個意象確實是一個很好的經驗。

Now, sometimes I would ask my students to do the same, make an imagery or a story out of the piece they are working on, as we need to train our imagination and creativity particularly in a society that does not encourage such aspects. The following story is written by a student who has been playing a contemporary piece “Oni-Arare” by the Japanese composer Akira Yuyama:

現在,有時我也會叫我的學生做同樣的事情,把他們正在學習的樂曲晝一幅圖晝或寫一個故事。特別是在一個不鼓勵想像力和創造力的社會中,我們更加需要訓練和培養它們。下面的故事是學生為日本作曲家Akira Yuyama的當代作品”Oni-Anare”寫作的:

Here I have made a video with the simplified storyline in it.

[qt:http://teresawong.dyndns.org:9001/video/onianarestory.m4v 640 360]

Note: For better viewing experience, please click on the post’s title and have the video mostly or fully loaded before you start watching it.

Piece Title: “Oni-Anare”
Composer: Akira Yuyama
Director & Editor: Teresa Wong


The whole story 整個故事:
Oni-Arare Story

(bars 1-19)
There was once a family with three kids living in a valley called the ‘Arare’ family or the Arares for ‘Arare’ was their last name. The names of the threesome were (in order of youngest to eldest) Akira, Hana, then Rikiya. Boy, girl, boy.

Then one day, the three Arares were playing hide and seek outside.
“HA! I found you Hana!” exclaimed Akira. “There’s Rikiya!”
“Wow, it’s getting late. Let’s go home,” said Hana.
“OK,” Rikiya agreed.
They ran back to the house and ate dinner. It was soon their bedtime.
“Oh, I know!” exclaimed Akira.
“What?” Rikiya inquired.
“How about all of us go to the mountain in front of the valley! We could explore the mountain the whole day and then come back for dinner!” Akira said eagerly.
“Wait,” Hana told Akira. “I’ll go ask.”
A minute later, Hana told her brothers that they could go but they had to wake up extra early to prepare.
“Mom says to fix a meeting point in case one of us gets lost,” Hana informed her brothers.
“We could meet at our uncle’s house. He lives very close to the mountain,” says Akira
“That sounds OK. I’ll inform mom and dad tomorrow,” Rikiya replied.

(bars 20-27)
The next day…
The kids were merrily climbing the mountain.
“This is so cool! I think that was a rare type of fox!” exclaimed Hana.
“Yeah!” Akira replied with enthusiasm.
The ground shook.
“What was that?” Akira asked.
“Probably a small earthquake,” replied Rikiya reassuringly. Where they lived, earthquakes were not uncommon occurrences.
(bars 28-39)
10 minutes later…
“What was thaat?” Akira asked, his voice shaking.
“Oh my lord. I just remembered that there was a devil living in this mountain! He doesn’t like people coming up his mountain. Especially kids!” Rikiya exclaimed.
un!” Hana cried.
They started running like headless chickens (crazy) down the hill. But the footsteps were getting closer and closer. The Arares were fleeing for their lives. They entered a forest and the footsteps faded away.
“Phew, that was close,” Rikiya sighed.
“Are we really saafe here?” Hana asked, her voice still shaking from the shock.
“Demons are dumb. They would never find us here.”
“RUN!” cried Hana.

(bars 40-45)
And they were caught. Grabbed from the back by the giant demon’s hand.
“I’ve got you! Mwahahahaha! There’s no escaping now. I shall eat you for my snack!”
It was the voice of the demon.
So then Akira was dumped into the demon’s mouth.
The demon closed his eyes, a very unwise thing to do. Because the instant he had done so, Hana and Rikiya ran soundlessly out of their forest to their uncle’s house, their meeting point that they had decided on the day before.

(bars 46-the end of the song)
Back with the demon…
The demon is trying and failing to bite little Akira. Akira is too hard for the demon to bite and so the demon absently spit him out. Akira then ran to the meeting point where the siblings made it back home. The demon, however, didn’t know that Akira wasn’t in his mouth anymore. He was still biting when suddenly there was a huge cracking noise and the demon thought that he finally managed to bite Akira. But then a stab of pain brought him to his senses. He found out that there was really no Akira in his mouth and that he had broken his back tooth off!


Teresa Wong

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