Wednesday July 19th, 2017

How to build a successful music/piano studio (II)

Monday July 17th, 2017

How to build a successful music/piano studio?

A lot of readers asked me this question. I get it, it’s hard to promote yourself. It’s even embarrassing, because we are musicians/pianists, we are […]
Thursday November 24th, 2016

Piano Connecting Lives

Life is about connecting with others, through something deeper and more meaningful, to touch others’ lives. Music can do just that, and more. Through teaching, […]
Friday November 18th, 2016

Music is for healing

I believe everyone likes music. Everyone listens to some kind of music, whether it be pop music (western or local), R&B, rock, electronic, blues, folk, […]
Friday November 4th, 2016

Successful Piano Teaching: Step I

Do you want to become a successful piano teacher? How do you define success in your teaching career? Let’s talk about the first step to […]
Sunday October 23rd, 2016

Adult Piano Beginner Learners

Adult Piano Beginner Learners This year we have quite a number of adult students who have come in to learn to play the piano for […]
Tuesday September 6th, 2016

Growth Mindset

I looked at my diary and saw I scheduled to write something about mindset in Chinese (gasp! and yes I put everything from breakfast to […]
Tuesday August 16th, 2016

Balance is the Key

“Do we have to take exams for our piano lessons?” My student of 9 years’ old asked me today after finishing his lesson. “No, of […]
Sunday August 7th, 2016

(中文) 兒童鋼琴學習的障礙

(中文) 兒童鋼琴學習的障礙 為什麼小孩子好像常常不想練習,又或者不想去上課呢? 其實,小孩子是需要很多鼓勵和支持的。
Wednesday June 29th, 2016

(中文) 練習帶來完美的表現 (如果你知道怎樣練的話)

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Tuesday June 14th, 2016

About Our Piano Beginner Course

Our “Music on Wings: Piano Beginner Course” is an all-in- one piano program that provides a comprehensive training in all aspects of music learning: playing, listening, singing, reading, writing, improvising and composing.
Monday May 23rd, 2016

Scale Videos on My YouTube Channel

If you are working on your scales and forget about how the fingering works, here are some references on my YouTube Channel (Teresa Wong School of Music)!
Thursday March 31st, 2016

Why am I so passionate about piano teaching and piano technique

Why am I so passionate about piano teaching and piano technique ? I think it deserves elaboration on the answer to such question.
Thursday March 10th, 2016

Parent’s role in a child’s piano education

Many parents tell me when they first meet me, “I don’t know how to play the piano/I don’t know anything about music. How can I help […]
Saturday February 27th, 2016

(中文) 鋼琴學習的進程和空間

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