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[:en]FAQ on Piano Diploma Exams (Performance) (Part I)[:zh]鋼琴演奏文憑考試常見問題(第一部分)[:]

[:en]Here are some commonly asked questions and answers I compile for your reference:

Q1. Which are the music boards that provide diploma exams in Hong Kong?
The most two common music exam boards in Hong Kong are: the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and the Trinity College London.

Q2. What kinds of diplomas are available for examination purpose?
There are three kinds of music diplomas:
ABRSM: Music Performance, Music Direction, and Instrumental/Vocal Teaching.
Trinity College: Performance, Teaching, and Theory and Composition.

Q3. How many levels of music diplomas are there for each board?
There are three levels of every kind of music diplomas for each board.
For performance diplomas, there are:
Trinity: ATCL, LTCL and FTCL.
In a performance diploma, candidates perform with their own choice of instruments in the manner of a recital, in the limited time frame, 3-4 pieces of contrasting styles and periods, selected from the official syllabus provided by the perspective board (each board has a different time limitation and a different set of repertoire list to be chosen pieces from).

Q4. What is the duration of the whole recital program for each performance diploma?
dipABRSM: 35 minutes (+/- 10%: meaning somewhere between 32 and 38 minutes)
LRSM: 40 minutes (+/- 10%): meaning somewhere between 36 and 44 minutes)
FRSM: 50 minutes (+/- 10%): meaning somewhere between 45 and 55 minutes)

Trinity –
ATCL: 32–38 minutes
LTCL: 37–43 minutes
FTCL: 42–48 minutes

*Timing excludes breaks between items

Q5. What are the various parts of each performance diploma?
Four Parts:

During exam –
1. Recital
2. Viva Voce
3. Quick Study

Written in advance and submitted on the day of exam –
4. Programme Notes (or Written Submission in the case of FRSM)

ATCL (Recital Diplomas)-
Two parts:

During exam –
1. Recital

Written in advance and submitted on the day of exam –
2. Programme Notes

Q6. What is the time distribution of each section in each performance diploma exam of ABRSM?
dipABRSM: 60 minutes: Recital – 35 minutes (+/- 10%), Viva Voce: up to 12 minutes, Quick Study: up to 10 minutes
LRSM: 75 minutes: Recital – 40 minutes (+/- 10%), Viva Voce: up to 15 minutes, Quick Study: up to 10 minutes.
FRSM: 90 minutes: Recital – 50 minutes (+/- 10%), Viva Voce: up to 20 minutes, Quick Study: up to 10 minutes.

Q7. What is the word count limitation for the programme note of each performance diploma exam?
dipABRSM (programme notes) : 1,100 words (+_ 10%)
LRSM (programme notes): 1,800 words (+_ 10%)
FRSM (written submission): 4,500 words (+_ 10%)
*Candidates should be prepared to discuss the programme notes/written submission in the Viva Voce session.

Trinity –
ATCL: 400–700 words
LTCL: 800–1,100 words
FTCL: 1,200–1,600 words
*all word counts not including translations of song texts

Teresa Wong[:zh]


在香港最常見的兩音樂考試委員會分別是:英國皇家音樂學院(Associated Board of Royal School of Music)和倫敦聖三一學院的聯合委員會 (Trinity College London)。 
音樂文憑種類有三種: 皇家 (ABRSM):音樂表演 (Music Performance),音樂指揮 (Music Direction),器樂/聲樂教學 (Instrumental/Vocal Teaching。 聖三一學院 (Trinity):表演 (Performance),教學 (Teaching), 和理論及作曲 (Theory and Composition)。
Q3。究竟音樂文憑有多少個層次 (Level) 
聖三一學院 (Trinity):ATCL,LTCL和FTCL。 
Q4。整個演奏文憑彈奏曲目的時間限制是多少皇家 (ABRSM): 
dipABRSM:35分鐘(+/- 10%:這意味著介於32和38分鐘) 
LRSM: 40分鐘(+/- 10%):意為介於36和44分鐘) 
FRSM: 50分鐘(+/- 10%):意為介於45和55分鐘) 
聖三一學院 (Trinity)ATCL:32-38分鐘 

皇家 (ABRSM): 四個部分: 
考試當日 - 
1.演奏會 (Recital) 
2.口試 (Viva Voce)
3.快速閲譜 (Quick Study)
考試之前寫好並在考試當天提交 -
4.節目簡介 (Programme Notes) (FRSM 要寫較長的論文) 
聖三一學院 (Trinity)兩部分:
考試當日 - 
考試之前寫好並在考試當天提交 -
2.節目簡介 (Programme Notes)
皇家 (ABRSM):
dipABRSM:60分鐘:獨奏 - 35分鐘(+/- 10%),口試:12分鐘,快速閲譜:10分鐘 
LRSM: 75分鐘:獨奏 - 40分鐘(+/- 10%),口試15分鐘,快速閲譜:10分鐘
FRSM:90分鐘:獨奏 - 80分鐘(+/- 10%),口試:20分鐘,快速閲譜:10分鐘。 
聖三一學院 (Trinity)ATCL : 32-38分鐘 
LTCL : 37-43分鐘 
FTCL : 42-48分鐘
Q7。演奏文憑節目簡介 (Programme Notes) 的字數限制是怎樣的 皇家 (ABRSM):
dipABRSM (節目簡介): 1,100字(+/- 10%) 
LRSM(節目簡介):1800字(+ /- 10%) 
FRSM(論文): 4,500字(+ / - 10%) 
聖三一學院 (Trinity)ATCL:400-700LTCL:800-1,100字